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Rental/management Agents - praia de Tabatinga

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by Andy B, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Andy B

    Andy B New Member

    Hi Guys

    If you are out in Brazil, you lucky..........:)

    We are purchasing a unit at Mar de tabatinga and are just weighing up the options, so if anyone else knows of a good managent agent for holiday rentals then we would be grateful.

    Also we have found it difficult to get an independent rental assesment for the property to do due dilligence to make sure the figures stack up, so again if anyone has comparables its a 4 bed detached villa (125m sq) in small gated development with security in praia de Tabatinga, south of Natal, walking distance of beach.

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  2. davehoskings

    davehoskings New Member

    I looked at the area a while ago and as far as I remember the only rental periods were for the majr Brazilian holiday periods. This added up to about 5 or 6 weeks per year and the rest of the time the place was empty.
  3. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    Mar de Tabatinga is a lovely project,but you will probably need to use it quite a lot
    yourselves as it is not really a popular destination with tourists which will affect your rentals etc.Do they have a pool system planned for the future??:)
  4. m.woohoo

    m.woohoo New Member

    Think about changing your perspective

    Well, I live in Natal since 2001 and I have seen many empty buildings at that area, with a clear axception of those ones which have a flat structure, with services and facilities. This kind of project is being very well accepted even by people who leave in surrounding cities, to use them as hotels for weekends and it has being made through travel agencies and touristic operators in Brazil. Maybe, if you try do not restrict your options for a full season rental, and if the apartment you´ve bought has a minimum of services (as cleaning, concierge, etc.), you could try it. It´s an unusual perspective for this kind of investment, but it´s working quite fine in the Blue Marlin Hotel in Cotovelo, the first beach south of Natal, going to the south.
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