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Hello everyone

Please bear with me I'm new to this.

I have just reserved an apartment in RT2 (Saidia),due for completion mid 2008, whole site 2010/11. I am due to fly out in next 4 weeks.

My questions are: Should I budget for 1 / 2 years of little rent ie paying the mortgage myself?

Is there going to be a rental agreement in place upon completion of RT2, I have been told there will be but no one can guarantee this, if so what form do you think it will take?

When do you think Ryanair will start flying to Oudja, ie rentals start kickin in?

I have done my research and am confident that this resort will be a success in the long term ( 5 - 10 years ).

My concerns are just the short term financial costs involved.

I would appreciate any opinions and advice.

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