Renovate Property in Bratia Daskalovi, Stara Zagora

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Hi Everyone,

Can anyone help me with advise or recommendation on where to find builders/workers to help renovate a property I bought in Bratia Daskalovi, Stara Zagora ?

Look forward to any help/advice.
Many Thanks


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Hi Brayan,
I work in partnership with a small firm doing sales and renovations in the Stara Zagora region. I can easily arrange a visit and quote for you and can send you pictures to date of renovations on my villa I am converting into two apartments. You are also welcome to visit it and see the work in progress if you would like. From around end of October I will be available to personally over see your project and report back regularly to you and help with all aspects of renovation such as finding tiles and kitchens (having just spent two weeks trailing round many shops in Stara Zagora on tile search!).

Are you moving over as would be great to get to know others in the region.
Keep in touch


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Building Company

Hi Brayan!

My advice is to check all the "small" companies before taking it further!

And always sign a contract before sending any money. Write down everything you need / want to be done; everything!!!
And go to a notary office with the builders. They should write down the cost of everything and how many years quarantee they give for their work.

My company works with a company in Yambol Region ; they charge more than the others - but I can give guarantee to my clients that they will get what they paid for.

What I am trying to say is - be carefull and do not work with companies that promise too much for almost free, ... you will end up overspending....

Best Wishes,
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