Relocating in Malta

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Hello ,
We are visiting Malta and Gozo
the first two weeks of March and
are looking for some advice about
possible eventual relocation. We are
two divorced mature males (53 and 63)
We may be interested in relocating as
we would prefer a warmer and drier
climate for health reasons. Also the
rapidly increasing crime, alcoholism
and violence in Britain is a worry plus
the Social Inequalities. We would however
need some form of part time employment
(Nursing Home, Wardens, Caretaking,
Companions, Office, Hotel Reception,
anything) and somewhere peaceful to rent.
One of us is a qualified Nursing Home Nurse
(N.H.S. trained) and the other an Oil Painting
Restorer. One of us also speaks Italian. We
both have impeccable References. But we
will come on holiday first to see what we
think and to ascertain what possibilities
there are for of part-time employment
and long-term quiet places to rent.
Hope to hear from you if you can give any
advice in this regard. Many thanks!
Warm regards


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Hello Casey,

I am half Maltese and my sister and her husband own property in Malta and live there for most of the year.
I thought I had sent you my first mail but I now realize that I didn't.
Please get in touch, forum or pm.
Keep in touch


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Hello Casey,
I am sure that you will enjoy your time here, Have you read our forum notes on Malta? If not then please take a look at this page for our list of countries.

Good Luck in your visit.
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