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Relocate to Cyprus

Discussion in 'Cyprus Property' started by chandler, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. chandler

    chandler New Member


    My husband and I are considering relocating to Cyprus (Protaras/Paralimni area) and would really like to know what sort of rates of pay we could expect - obviously we would have to look at the cost of living and if we are able to afford it before we can make any decisions.

    My husband is a mechanic by trade and I am a Secretary/P.A - would anyone be able to give us an indication of how much we could expect to earn on an hourly basis? Someone told us the average wage is around ?2 (Cyprus pounds) per hour - is that right??
    Would really appreciate any advice we can get on this.

  2. clayton

    clayton New Member

    It depends what you do but when I first came out here I was earning about CY?3.50 an hour working in office so took home between CY?400 and CY?500 a month. Didn't have to pay tax as I was below the CY?10K starting bracket but did pay Social Insurance (N.I.) which I think was about 6%. Hope that helps.
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