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Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by omee, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. omee

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    Dear All,

    I was looking for some guidance.

    I have purchased an office from Fortune Group back in 2007 and have paid approximately 750,000 Dhs to them. The building (Fortune Avenue) was supposed to be finished in 2010 but it never did. The project is still on hold. I haven't heard from the company since 2010.

    I would appreciate if anyone can point me in the right direction as to who I can contact to start legal action or arbitration against the developer to recover my investment.

  2. You can file for a legal action in the consumer court.
  3. Angela Davis

    Angela Davis Banned

    Now its 2014 ahhh long time.
    I think you must follow the samanthaflax02 advice, It is a helpful suggestion for you.
  4. balukontact

    balukontact New Member

    chapel destiny Dubai Sport City

    Can any one give me update on the Chapel Destiny in Dubai Sport City, I have booked a unit ( studio ) back in 2007 in one of the towers and paid all my dues until construction stopped in 2009
    Any news and details are welcome.
  5. balukontact

    balukontact New Member

    chapel destiny Dubai Sport City

    I too have purchased a studio unit in Chapel Destiny in the Dubai Sport City, no news so far on this development and RERA status, can any one advice as this has been a long wait until now in 2014 would appreciate comments
  6. khadija88

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    hi i found this on the land department website
    currently the project is only 20 % complete

    Land Number 76
    Project Number 558
    Project Location Al Hebiah Fourth
    Project Adoption Date 23-09-2008
    Project Percentage 20.90
    Real Estate Developer Name CHAPAL WORLD L.L.C.
    Master Developer Name DUBAI SPORTS CITY L.L.C
    Trust Account Number 0493173531
    Account Trustee Name MASHREQ BANK PSC
    Project Status Conditional Active
    Project Status Detail

    yes you can file a legal action against the developer , however the method of legal action will be as per the prescribed rules of the Sales and Purchase Agreement.

    if u need further advice on how to go about it. I will try and assist you however i can
  7. almarjanrak

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    Every problem is solved by discussion. you should discuss this issue and then hire a layer for case.
  8. almarjanrak

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    Dubai is slow, but several businesses do issue agreements quickly. By the way you can invest on al marjan island or ramdah
  9. real123

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    Hi, We had the issue for 2 M in sports city champion and silicon oasis. It had been long time and we were not dealt fairly. However by right pressure and connections we were able to take half of it and solve it . it is better than nothing. We had a group of 3 to 4 lawyers however they had told us that you stand no where with the developer as it will take long time dealing with the court. if you require more information msg or reply. Only through connection and higher authorities help made it happen. Our partner is a well known person who helps and when help is done there is a fee.
  10. Pramila

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    Dear Friend,
    This particular project is now taken over by LIME LIGHT DEVELOPMENT......

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