Recommended software for measuring business & property performance?



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Can anyone recommend a software program that will allow me to me to measure how my business and property portfolio is doing?
I'd really like it to measure both things in one program (general business performance, and portfolio performance) and it's vital that it will allow me to forecast/test the effect that potential purchases would have.

I'd love to -
Be able to test what happens to my business cashflow if I buy/remortgage specific properties at a specific points in the year.
Compare the performance of two possible purchases to see which is likely to perform best for me in 5/10 year's time
Keep track of the overall health of my investments
As a bonus, it would also be great to be able to do basic accounting things like create Profit/Loss statements etc

Is there a program / app / web-service that will allow me to do all of these things?
I could probably fashion something myself in excel, but it'll likely take days of work to build and test and there are better uses of time if it already exists

Any pointers gratefully received!


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Thanks FWL,
There are indeed a lot of programs around, but most of them seem to be either accounting OR project management software and are seem unable to do the combined things I mentioned above, like forecasting the effect of a property purchase on my future finances