Recommendations – overseas property for family holidays

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Hi everyone,

I’m a new member here trying to find info on buying property abroad.Our family is looking for a nice place to spend our summer holidays in.

We haven’t got any specific country in mind yet, we have been thinking about Greece, Turkey, Spain, Cyprus, Montenegro, Portugal etc. We have two children, both under 3 yrs and live in Scandinavia, so flight time from Scandinavia shouldn’t exceed 7 hours. We are used to spending our holidays in nice hotels, so I’m also looking into hotels selling their apartments. (already found one in Turkey).

We are basicly looking for a safe & quiet place with good on-site services and with a reasonable price.

Any recommendations?


I recommend looking at your local airport and seeing where they fly too. Short list the destinations, if you like low cost flights then you should select these destinations and then go and have a look. Your search has to be practical.


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Recommendations - overseas property for family holidays!
I will recommend to you to buy an apartment in a residential complex at the Bulgarian Sea Coast. Sunny Beach is an excellent very children-friendly place, because of its shallow shores, pure water and air, and because of the whole range of activities the children can be engaged in. Most of the complexes have evening kindergartens and the parents can also enjoy a decent night out. Another place is Saint Vlas.
Have a look at My - I am sure that you will be able to find precisely what you are looking for! The flight is less than 7 hrs for sure!



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Bulgarian coast has a very short season and some say is a bit down market with lots of British breakfast type cafes! Unlikely to be a good investment as rental will be too short and lots of over supply of new build property constantly appearing to attract new commers so the second hand market (ie your exit route) is somewhat blocked and rental competition is fierce.

I also have young children so HEALTH is very very important. No point being somewhere if a child suddenly gets blood poisoning or some other fast acting condition. Bit depressing to think about but for me is very important.

At the same time I want to maximise returns so no point buying in established markets such as Spain or France as all the easy money went long ago. A good investment is not one where one thinks only of the long term, a good investment works now and longterm.

I also need secure developers. So many are small and untested. Imagine posting your cheque off today, who exactly will get your money - how do you know they are not just a middle man with a trading name the same as a supposed developer? If you get conned, how will the local officials help - in some places you will get no where.

So Id look out for big named developers. Dont rely on agents, do your own independant checks.

Next I wanted cheap flights and easy access.

A long season, made longer by onsite golf and lots of facilities.

The only place I could find that met all these needs was the giant Government resorts just off Spain in N Morocco. Saidia in particular as it is so massive yet low rise and green with immense sports and leisure facilities - your kids will not have seen anything like this once built by 2010. Really an up market giant Centreparcs with a year round season and rentals dealt with by them and backed by the Government. The developers have to pass stringent Government scrutiny and offer 10 year build guarantees etc.

On site small Hospital is planned as are Heliports to link with Spain some 50 miles away.
Main site developer is one of Spains biggest - Fadesa although I bought the product from Property Logic.

Contracts now signed to expand the local airport to 25 plane hubs. Ryanair announced plans to fly to this. Ryanair rumored to have bought one of the 11 onsite hotels. 1000 seat business centre to feed you rentals plus massive beach, marina and 3 onsite golf courses. SEE THE PRICE FOR ONSITE BEACH AND GOLF IN SPAIN - you pay a lot more (4 x more).

Depends what your priorities are.

I think Portugals silver coast is another contender but I found the winters there were a bit depressing and wet and cold so the rental would be again too short to make it worthwhile.
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Sunny Days

Sunny Days

Goldberg comments are spot on. Also remember to check the up and coming routes across Europe, it may influence you to wait before making a decision. Once you have parred down the destinations, then draw up an evaluation criteria. Remember the family's needs will change as the kids grow older. Do you plan to keep the property? (then you'll need a developing area which will introduce new facilities each year) or do you plan to use it for a few years, sell on and move to another area as the family grows up? If you plan to sell, you need an up and coming market.

Lots of factors to consider. Enjoy your lovely decision. Let us know where you choose.


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Global climate change

Hi all,

And thank you for your tips & advice.
Have to admit, that this is a very complicated project, so many things to consider.

The latest on my list is the global climate change.There’s no doubt that the climate is growing warmer currently; indications of that change are all around us. Now I've heard that some people (older people) are selling their property in the south and moving up noth, since the summers are becoming too hot for them. That is why Morocco worries me; are we going to be able to spend any summers there, will it be +45 c during July there in the near future?

Any thoughts about this?


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Silver Cost Property for Sale


Welcome to the forum.

I am a licenced Portuguese estate agent with offices in the Silver Coast. This is a beautiful area, with lots of sunshine, golf courses, friendly people and lovely beaches. I am sure I can help find the perfect holiday home for you and your family. Please feel fee to contact: [email protected]
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