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hey all,
After holidaying in zante this year we have made the decision to uproot and move to zante
i am struggling to find realistic info on what the pros & cons are
we are looking to buy both a property &a small business
has anyone out there done this ?
how difficult will it be for my 18 year old daughter to find work as a qualified fitness instructor??
is living the dream all that it is cracked up to be???

any views or info will be gratefully received


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hello bryant,
In my opinion it can be done but you should expect plenty of ups and downs along the way.

Buying a property should be straightforward; I sell property in Greece to UK buyers such as yourself and if you send me an email ([email protected]) which I can reply to I'll send you a copy of our 'Buyer's Guide'.

You don't say what your experience is, or what kind of business you would hope to buy, but your best bet is always going to be something in the tourist sector. This sort of business does come on the market from time to time so if running a bar or a restaurant is what you have in mind you can expect to find something. Now is probably a good time to look because as the season ends you may find people willing to sell and you will probably need several months to get organized for the start of next season.

If your daughter speaks good Greek she may be able to make a living as a fitness instructor although the Greeks are not into personal fitness as much as northern Europeans. But without the language she may struggle.

In fact, learning the language is probably the key to 'living the dream'. If you speak Greek reasonably well you will find that life is much more enjoyable and that you are able to fit in much better with the locals. But don't for a second expect that living in Greece permanently is anything like it is when you visit for a holiday - it isn't.

I would also suggest, if you haven't already done so, that you spend some time in Zante in the winter before you make too many commitments so that you are aware how different life is 'out of season' and also how different the climate is over the winter months.

Good luck,
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