Real estate boom in Brazil

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by polleke, May 19, 2008.

  1. Dan Yurdiga

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    Real state is indeed one of the business today that continuous to improve
  2. PeterFleming

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    Hi...Great post...:captain: good criteria...buying a property can be a better option.
  3. goldeneagle

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    Is it true about brazill always being sunny? i had a good friend who was desperate to return!
  4. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    It depends very much where you go - In the south it can get quite cold and cloudy but in the northeast the weather pretty much stays the same all year round. The temperature remains pretty constant and the only real change is the amount of rain which the area sees.

    In winter (June, July, August) in Natal it can rain quite a lot but even then rarely a whole day and very rarely more than one day. In Autumn and Spring it rains less and less again in Summer of course (October, November, January and middle of February). Regardless of the rain, the temperature will vary slightly between 27º C and 32º C all year round.
  5. Shane Australia

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    Brazil does rain yes, but it's still an awesome place to go... and a great place to invest from what I learnt when I was there. The holiday let market is quite lucrative from discussions I had with several people.
  6. gornanalb84

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    Hi ..Thanks For this post .
  7. JMBroad

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    The time planning takes depends on the planning being requested - as long as you follow all the legal routes to get planning permission it shouldn't take "YEARS".

    It all depends on what type of development you are doing and how accustomed you are to the Brazilian legal system and of course the peculiarities of the development itself (a small block of flats in a city centre would "normally" take less time to license than a massive golf resort on a beachfront location with several rivers running through the development. From a raw plot of land to fully licensed and started building can take as long as a year, perhaps even slightly longer but can be done in a lot less by an experienced team and with an easy project.

    As a side note, Brazilian law states that it is illegal for a developer to accept money from a buyer unless they have all licenses in place (unless there is a contract specifically stating that the licenses are expected by "x" date and that if the licenses are not received all monies will be returned to the investor) so you should be able to get your money back and invest elsewhere. Specifically, no advertising or marketing or sales can take place on a property in Brazil unless the development already has the "Registro de Incorporaçao" - and you can't get the "Registro de Incorporaçao" without the building license, alvará de construçao, etc.

    I've not heard of that development myself and I've seen most developments from Brazil being marketed to overseas investors... where was it to be located and who were the developers?
  8. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    As a developer who works here in Brazil with the medium income and low income markets I can say that yes it is still booming and will keep booming for many more years as the demand is being fuelled by locals who are buying homes to live in, not foreign speculators looking to resell to other foreign speculators.

    Currently we are nowhere near being able to meet the demand of the local market - our current developments are (not counting the ones we have already delivered):

    City Centre, Medium Income Tower blocks
    42 apartments - sold out in 2 months (Nov 2009 to Jan 2010)
    86 apartments - pre-launch two weeks ago, 38% reserved

    Social Housing, Low Income - Government sponsored
    1.534 houses with a church, shopping centre, supermarket, police station, medical centre, school, childrens playground, leisure areas, etc
    Being launched in June 2010 and from the market analysis talking to officials responsible for the reservations, etc we have been told we need at least another 2.000 units to meet current demand.

    Personally I'd say that was a pretty strong market to be in. Especially when considering that it is being driven by people who are buying it for themselves, not as holiday homes or to sell on to other speculators.
  9. Triduc

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    Great post, thank you so much
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  11. Gcastano

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    The World Cup is doing amazing things for Real Estate Investments in Brazil. We currently have a n Award Winning resort in Northeast Brazil, called The Coral in Ceara, Brazil. We have been receiving many responses from Investors entering the market in Brazil. We are selling ocean front condos at $29k. The World Cup coming in 2015 is DEFINITELY making an impact on Brazilian property. Check out... BRIC-Investment . com THE CORAL ..... PH# +1 813- 315- 3885
  12. Gcastano

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    I love Brazil, and with the World Cup playing here, I believe it will only make the market go up and fast!! We have been studying this market for many years, and we have seen raise significantly over the past couple of months!

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