Real Estate Agents | How to succeed?

What are your actual steps to succeed in real estate?

  • Know your customers' needs.

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  • Imagine yourself in your customer's shoes.

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Alex Quazi

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My name is Alex Quazi. I am a real estate agent from Toronto, Canada and I am wondering if any of you know how to succeed in real estate business?

I am doing my best that I can and helping people to find their dream house, teaching theme the basics of real estate. But still, there are so many people who envy the success that the others are having.

My strategies cover:
Know exactly what your customer wants
Imagine yourself like you are in your customers' shoes and try to understand all his/ her needs.
Check every aspect before advising something to the customer.
Know what he/she likes and what they don't.
Ask for relevant pictures of their dream house.
Make sure the cost is suitable for them.

By following all this aspects, you can shortlist the houses that correspond your customers' taste and they will always be happy to work with you again.


Alex Quazi


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It takes a long time to build up a client base, contacts in the industry and strategies that work for you and your customers. Real estate is not a get rich quick scheme, whether an investor, seller or agent, and it takes time and effort to get there.


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Simple, know your markets and know your customers and then match them together.