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Real Estate Agent Earnings

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by salmanhanif, May 27, 2008.

  1. salmanhanif

    salmanhanif New Member

    I am looking to open a real estate brokerage office in Dubai, what do you people think about the clutter of Real Estate agents in Dubai and do agents earn enough??

    I know it depends on the agent and the amount of hardwork and effort he/she puts in, but still any ideas would be appreciated.

    If yes how much can an average agent earn per year/month.

    Thankyou in advance
  2. maheenkhan

    maheenkhan New Member

    Hi mr salman,
    i am also interested to be a agent i am new in this field i uyo dont mind can you help?
    my e mail id is maheenkhan7 8 gmail
  3. seashine

    seashine New Member

    I believe agents from well to do estate companies nicely generate 15-20K a month if the efforts are accurate and streamlined.
  4. Dubai-Properties

    Dubai-Properties New Member

    I work for a well reputed developer and if you would like to beocme an agent, please dont hesitate to PM me or send me an email to dubai-properties at hotmail dot co dot uk
  5. seashine

    seashine New Member

    U r from dubai properties? :)
  6. Dubai-Properties

    Dubai-Properties New Member

    no! I work for a developer in Dubai but I am based in London.
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