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Questions on realestate

Discussion in 'Buy-to-Sell Property' started by LostAngel22, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. LostAngel22

    LostAngel22 New Member

    What are some good ways to invest in realestate?

    The few that I am familiar with is:

    - buying a home and renting it out

    -Buying land cheap, having a house build there cheap(if possible) and selling

    -And something dealing with property tax, which I want someone to explain to me what that is and how I go about that.

    I am new to it, but very much interested in the various ways to invest.
  2. vngrape

    vngrape New Member

    About buying, building and selling: you could also consider furnishing the house first before selling it. There are a lot of cheap but elegant furnitures out there. You would not only profit from the land and the building but also from the furnitures.
  3. John

    John New Member

    Did you make any moves into any of the options that you were considering?
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  4. king2163

    king2163 New Member

    if you want to renting it out , you have to consider the cost of property first then set the cost according to it. it's better to purchase the property in residentional area
  5. eyeC

    eyeC Senior Member

    start with the easy stuff first

    building a new home is no easy task
    You can start by doing maintenance to existing homes repairs to bathrooms, kitchen landscaping, painting walls changing carpets, floors tiles, and soon
    dont spend too much and never get involved with structural defects it will cost you to much and you wont get your money back
    calculate before you start how much the home will sell for and how much you need to spend ...
    good luck
  6. coolhandluke121360

    coolhandluke121360 New Member

    Renting is good however u open a whole new can of worms by having people live on ur property knowing that it is not theirs and they don´t take care of it as well as before since right now most people renting are ticked off homeowners who were forced into that situation. So u need to be very careful and have at least one good attorney at ur beck and call when u are forced to need it. ok. Contact me and I can give u some real good investment that make u serious money on a return without the hassles.
  7. agentyumi

    agentyumi New Member

    If you will purchase property that you plan to sell at a later date you need to research thoroughly because sometimes the value of it depreciate, consider how that will affect the property value. Another thing, when purchasing real estate as an investment, you need to consider the cost of taxes.
  8. EuroGroup

    EuroGroup New Member

    Consider investment in Bulgaria

    I encourage you to invest in Bulgaria. In Bulgaria there is the highest real estate price increase in Europe. Prices are still the lowest in the EU.
    According to the best analysts Bulgarian real estate market is the most underestimated in Europe.
    The summer season in Bulgaria lasts 5 months ! It starts in May and ends in the end of October!

    Agencies operate here on Bulgarian market but we are servicing clients from the UK, Ireland, Germany, Sweden and Poland as well. You can find a lot of villas, houses, holiday properties, apartments, plots, commercial offices and hotels for sale.
  9. mickthepropertyguru

    mickthepropertyguru New Member


    When & where did "highest real estate price increase in Europe" occur ????????
    And where is the "best analysts Bulgarian real estate market is the most underestimated in Europe." coming from ????????

    I think there is thousands of buyers in Bulgaria that would beg to differ !!
    Its very easy for house worth 3000 euro in the country to jump up a hundred percent. Its a different story for any property in the the over priced, over saturated area of the Black sea coast.
    There is a world of difference between a cheap holiday home and an investment.
    There is a reason why they are "good value" ..........Have a guess !
    And the season is closer to 4 months than 6 months.
    Be interesting to see what the banks are valuing the properties at !
  10. EuroGroup

    EuroGroup New Member

    Answer with sense

    Hi Mick,

    Here I can paste first three links I found to answer your questions:

    1. House price increase in Bulgaria highest for Europe, second world-wide:
    House price increase in Bulgaria highest for Europe, second world-wide - Residential Article

    2. Bulgarian property prices still rising:
    Global Property Guide: Bulgaria - Bulgaria property prices still rising

    3.House Prices Increase, Bulgaria Reaches 31%
    Real Estate House Prices Increase, Bulgaria Reaches 31%

    Finally, I wrote that the season lasts 5 months. Firstly check those links:

    Ruse, BGR Weather - Forecasts, Radar Maps, Video, and News
    Plovdiv, BGR Weather - Forecasts, Radar Maps, Video, and News
    Wind & weather statistic / Wind & Wetter Statistik Burgas for Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Surfing and Sailing

    then consider AVERAGE temperatures:
    MAY --->25 Celsius degrees
    JUNE -> 29 Celsius degrees
    JULY -> 31 Celsius degrees
    AUGUST -> 30 Celsius degrees
    SEPTEMBER -> 26 Celsius degrees
    in April and October average temperature is 19. I wrote only about 5 months, but you know better without checking anything...

    I don't have an information how many buyers are begging to differ. As I noticed, you are the statistic guru also, so maybe you can count the amount of people unsatisfied with purchasing a property in Bulgaria. I think that you also don't know those people, because in other case you would write me numbers and statistics, wouldn't you ??
    The only think I am sure and I can write about it are satisfied clients. They are buying houses, villas, hotels and holiday apartments as well. In mountains and close to the sea (not more than 600 meters from the beach). Some of them rents their properties even all year, so 12-month time.

    And, excuse me, but 3000 euro which you mentioned can be a one month rental payment not price of the house ! If you think so, it means that you completely don't know Bulgarian real estate market reality. For 30 000 EURO, not 3 000 EURO (!!!), you can buy a house about 30 kilometers from the sea, in a very small and not interesting village. If it is your idea to make a good investment, then congratulations ! After this deal you can really only beg to sell it, as you wrote a few days ago. But do not expect any profit for completely not interesting property 30 km from the coast.
  11. aaron56

    aaron56 New Member


    The options you have stated renting, building a house are good ways of investing in real estate . As our member told you can even try and sell a house after furnishing that would be a good deal.


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