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Discussion in 'Thailand property' started by tony, Aug 24, 2006.

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    Many people considers Thailand as a new destination for early retirement. However, there are so many factors to be considered. First of all, the legal right to own property. Second, what kind of visa that would allow u to stay long-term with no need to run every 3 months to the neighbouring courtiers to stamp re-entry visa. Third, what locations and town that would suit your living atmosphere and how's the neighbourhood. Do you know someone there who can give you the exact information you are looking for? Fourth, can you easily adjust and try to understand other culture? Or you will absolutely be what you are and hope to change the world on the other end. Of course, the other biggest problem is language barrier. You need to remind yourself that only approx. 10% of Thai people can speak good English. We learn in school yes! but it is only elite language, not a must. However, Thailand is so lucky that we have positive thinking and we are welcome foreigners. If you are good and try to understand us. We will give you our hearts. I won't deny the truth that there are also many "frauds" in Thailand, but it just like everywhere in the world. Lastly, I hope you enjoy being in Thailand like I do.
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    Hi this is the first time I have ever used a chat room. I have just come back from Thailand after a month for the second time in six months I just love it and the people, I have made some very good friends and even have someone special and plan to visit again in September I would very much like to live out there but not sure which is the best way to go about it some advise would be great.
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    first of all you should find prospects for job or running your own business - which will solve your visa problems.

    having a company and paying taxes you can buy not only a property but land as well - but you really have to think you will be staying in thailand for good.

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