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  1. dave99

    dave99 New Member

    Is Anyone able to list the location of the Public beaches (by reference to nearby hotels maybe) ad to give a some sort of quality rating please.

    Many of the hote beaches in Hurghada are not very good sand.

    I've been to the Magwish Village and to the off-shore islands near Hurghada where the sand is very fine / soft / whitish etc, as a comparison.

  2. Jayne1965

    Jayne1965 Guest


    I have heard that the beach near the old vic is a good beach but never been, we are going over on the 23rd November and will try this one and also the beach near the megawish as that is the nearest to our apartment and was recommended to us the last time we was over by an English friend that has a bar and lives in hurghada. I will get back to you when we return on the 7th December.
  3. propertywatch1

    propertywatch1 <b>Official Photographer</b>

    Just visited this beach today at the beginning of the esplanade/boulevard a few hundred yards to the left of the Old Vic Beach. This beach is called Elysees Dream Beach its open daily from 9am till 7pm.

    This beach has fine sand and slopes gently into the sea. You also have access to WIFI Internet ( so can e-mail while lounging on the beach ) There is food available and also a bar. The cost to use the beach is 30 le a day per person.

    Although there is a daily charge to use the beach people who have bought on Regency Towers can use this beach for free.
    Here are few photos i took today on the Elysess beach around 3:30pm.

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  4. dave99

    dave99 New Member

    Great service - thanks

    How many more beaches to do !!!

    How big is this beach - it looks a bit tight on space from the photos.

    How busy is it most days - I know the locals fill all the public beaches on some days but never sure which days this is.

    I've seen some beaches virtually empty and others that get packed.

    30LE seems a bit expensive - does this include one of those beds.

  5. Jayne1965

    Jayne1965 Guest

    When we were there in June the price for this beach was 20LE, well that is what we were told, and the beach abit further down from the Hilton Resort was 20LE and they gave you a towel and sunbed for that, but I am only going off what I was told. We went to the beach next to the intercontinental but paid 10LE and there was nothing there but the fish were great. I will found out more in a couple of weeks
  6. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    Looks like it has good facilities,certainly looks like it should be tried.
  7. alison9071

    alison9071 New Member

    this is a very exclusive beach so yes it does get busy of course but has 2 very large floating sundecks there are a lot of sun beds the service is excellant the toilets are cleaned by the hour and you can only enter or exit from 1 entrance this is where you pay or show your card so for people with children this gives added security there is also a very well equiped gym sauna steam room you can also have a massage thai, hydrotheropy or egyptian[ this is extra] the reason some beaches are empty is for a very good reason there are little or no public facillities its dirty the beds are of poor quality and the busy ones are usually the good ones if there are no toilets you have to ask yourself where are people going so 30le is not cheap but its about 2.70 per day you can come and go as you please all day use your lap top shower there use the lockers the 30 le is for access the bed and the towel i think that this is very reasonable some time it just comes down to you get what you pay for
  8. EgyptianMortgages

    EgyptianMortgages New Member

    Hey would love to hear about any good Dive schools......any recomendations
  9. propertywatch1

    propertywatch1 <b>Official Photographer</b>

    Will have a look at the old vic beach this week along with a couple more that are on the way up from the old vic beach towards the old sheraton hotel and will take a look at the public beach near to the Arabia hotel.And post the pictures asap.
  10. dave99

    dave99 New Member

    Is it possible that this is a private beach

    Is it possible that this is a private beach ?

    Pictures of this beach are being shown on another developments adverts as being "PRIVATE" - any chance more of you pics have been "lifted".

  11. propertywatch1

    propertywatch1 <b>Official Photographer</b>

    Hi Dave

    This is definetly not a private beach as anyone can use it for a fee of 30 LE as i asked how much it would be if i came and used it.So i know anyone can use it for a fee.

    Remember because i live here i go out and about and get my info first hand so i went and asked myself about using this beach.
  12. dave99

    dave99 New Member

    Sakalla area - beaches

    Are there any public beaches in the Sakalla area along the stretch of road where the Regina Style hotle is (near MacDonalds).

  13. GM43

    GM43 Banned

    there is a public beach between Minamark and Seagull hotel. (Entrance is close to Minamark.) But it is most visited by Egyptians.
  14. andyWagner

    andyWagner New Member

    hello there,

    you can find the location and information about all the public beaches in hurghada on hurghada-information.

    yes the elysee beach is private *but nicely done) and belongs to the elysee apartments acroos the road. of course you can buy a daily entrance ticket, but this is true of all the hotel beaches in Hurghada where you can buy tickets ranging from 20-50 LE.

    the truly public beaches have free entrance but you pay for a sun lounge.

    hope this help

  15. dave99

    dave99 New Member

    How do you find the info

    Hi Andy

    Just been trying to use this site - nothing obvious about Beach info

    Any tips on how to use the site to find location / charges / facilities etc for Public Beaches if you do not have the name of the actual beach.

    The search function just brings up all sorts of stuff.

  16. queenie40something

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    Dive Centres

    Hi Egyptian Mortgages

    It may be better starting a thread on this topic in the new Egypt section of expats forum.


  17. dave99

    dave99 New Member

    Arabia Beach - Large & Sandy - Easy access

    This beach seems to be in 2 parts - very nice and sandy, with a break water giving protection the wind, a more rocky side.

    Has 2 or 3 bars / sun beds / chairs / camels / car park - easy access.

    Close my development - how lucky is that !!!


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  18. andyWagner

    andyWagner New Member

    Hi y'all,

    dave99...the beach you are showing here is in fact not anywhere near the Arabia Hotel but about 1km further north on the Corniche towards El Dahar. This Beach is called Paradise Beach and is between the Sunny Days Palma de Mirette Resort and the Beirut Hotel.

    You can find it on our 'Full Screen Google Map' under the 'Others' category as Paradise Beach. On our website you also find a nice 360Degree Panorama Picture of Paradise Beach.

    You are right it is a public beach and has been so for more then 5 years, although about 3 years ago the city has rented it to a private company who has started to clean it up and plant some palm trees. There is a big car park for which you have to pay between 20LE and 50LE depending who is sitting at the gate. The same goes for the sun loungers. Drinks are usually warm and the food is so so la la. During the summer month you find a beach disco which attracts a lot of the local boys. There are also camels, horses and donkeys for rent. They guide takes you round the rubbish tip on the other side of the road...very romantic indeed. In my opinion it is clear that Paradise Beach and its infrastructure is designed to be used by locals and not foreigners.

    On weekends and public holidays the beach is very crowded with arab families. Since we live in a development just across the street, we have tried a couple of times to use this beach but have given up. We always had a feeling that the locals feel foreigners should not be there.

    Clearly if you fancy a nice day at the beach I would always suggest to pay the entrance to one of the Hotel Beaches (I reccomend the Marriot). All in all this will not cost much more than a Public Beach.

    Y'all have a great day now....

    Hurghada Information Net
  19. dave99

    dave99 New Member


    Hi Andy

    You obviously know this beach well, thanks for the info.

    I've not been to beach very often, but do know that weekends are popular for beaches everywhere.

    The photos would seem to tell a different story about normal usage though given very few people about.

  20. Its so difficult to us even to use this public beach no way me and my wife will go there its realy difficult and people will look at your wifeor girl friend and all wearing alabia all the time LOL :D
    so hopeu don't try:)

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