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PSP Property Investment Overseas - Views

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by emjga, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. emjga

    emjga New Member


    Has any body used a Company called
    PSP Property Investment Overseas

    Any views on how good / bad they are.

    Looking at a deal with them for Finland.

  2. John

    John New Member

    Hi Emjga, welcome to the forum.

    I haven't heard much about PSP either good or bad. I know they have been active recently at the various property expos pushing Finnish developments. I think they are a pretty new company, so it may be difficult to get much feedback about them.
  3. charliecane

    charliecane Guest


    hey emjga,

    I bought a 2 bedroom apartment in the golf project snow white back in june from PSP. So far all is good, I get emails with pictures of the construction every month which is reassuring. I go to Levi every year skiing so for me it was ideal. I see from their website that my apartment has gone up in price. I have read in a few places Donnald Trump is going to build there which is great news judging by all the regions he has built in. I went on an inspection trip and I was chauffered in a BMW which was good. The staff knew what they were talking about, no pressure just very good advise. My apartment isnt complete until next year but all the signs are good for me. We will see!

  4. emjga

    emjga New Member

    charliecane thanks for the info.

    We are thinking of the Aurora Sky Hotel
    Have a trip out there next week so will see what happens.

  5. PKI

    PKI New Member

    Hi Emjga,

    Would love to hear how you got on in Finland! I was there a little while ago and was very impressed, will definitely go ahead with the purchase. I'll be in Aurora Sky aswell.

    All the best!
  6. emjga

    emjga New Member

    PKI We just loved Finland

    We had the option to purchase on the Golf and Sky project.
    So have made a commetment to purchase on the Golf.

    A lot more money but we thought the returns might be a little better with both Winter and Summer customers.

    Staff real nice , with only the best (BMW) all so lent very nice boot and
    warm jackets

    Of course some one has to pay for all of this nice stuff.
    Guss who (you and me)

    My ownly slight concern was the lack of detials on the mortage
    e.g not 100% known if 80LTV will be used , and if that is on the Purchase price or Value price.
    But we have got some reasurances so we are mostly happy.

    Time will tell if (PSP) are are winer but the signs are looking very good.

  7. Rit

    Rit New Member

    Hi there, I went on an inspection trip to Levi mid October & bought at Levi Snow White Golf Apartments. I too was taken around the area & spoke with alot of the PSP guys & the Solicitor whilst there.
    The day I was flying back home, it snowed & I knew I made the right decision. It looked wonderful & quaint.

    I get regular newsletters & they are thorough in what they do.

    My friend has bought an Apartment in Aurora Sky.

    As far as mortgages are concerned the LTV is based on the value of the property at time of mortgage.
    Basically you can take the mortgage out with whoever you want to and in whichever currency you want to. I will use a mortgage broker that I know who specialises in overseas mortgages & can source funds from well known & reputable companies. They can do all the paperwork, so that i dont need to worry about it.

  8. emjga

    emjga New Member

    Rit I don't suppose you would like to share the name even just for comparison would be good.

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