Property Sourcing??

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Hi There.
Anybody have an experience or comment regarding property Sourcing services?
In Aouckland or ChCh?

I?m living in Central Otego and it looks like to achieve return of 8%+ on equity ( cash on cash return),from PI I will need to buy in bigger cities where there is more opportunity.
Of course I will have to hire the service of Property Manager.

It looks like Hybrid with construction of a Minor Dwelling can reach this level of returns.
and Richmastery with below valuation deals.

Any comment or advice will be greatly appreciated.



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Hello Cameron,
I personally have had good experiences with the Richmastery Property Sourcing service and am sure that Hybrids service is also good.

Consider that you may have to create an 8% return as opposed to purchase an 8% IP.
? Add value to increase rent return
? Rent room-by-room
? Purchase at a larger discount etc
There are some great property managers and some not-so-great ones. Ask around before going ahead with one.
Warm Regards
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