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Property prices in Mougins and the Riviera

Discussion in 'French Property' started by busgrw, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. busgrw

    busgrw New Member

    Hi there,

    Does anyone have any idea how the property market is holding up now on the French Riviera and in particular Mougins and Valbonne. I am interested in these areas to purchase a villa and i'like to know what way things are moving.

    Thanks for the advice.

  2. Pierre Guillery

    Pierre Guillery New Member

    Not holding up...

    It's a buyer's market, and you should wait it out. Really...
  3. Pierre Guillery

    Pierre Guillery New Member

    Difficult one! Estate agents and "notaires" have finally come to terms with reality: they now concede that prices have receded by a tiny 2% nationwide last year, but with substantial regional variation - and a substantial fall in the last three months. Probably meaning: flat nationwide during the 1st 6 months of 2008, and falling from then on. Century 21 France announce today that they anticipate a further price drop of 6 to 10% in 2009, with big disparities. My view is that prices may fall 10 to 12% nationwide, with prices holding up for good value properties where demand is high (Paris, city centers, and "unique", pristine properties). That means that price drops of 40% from early 2008 shoudl not be uncommon for some properties. It now seems that some sellers who had taken their properties off the market from July 2008, are coming back with offered prices substantially reduced, because they know understand that prices are heading down for good. That's a positive sign.

    (Century 21 add that they think that 4,000 to 6,000 estate agencies should close in 2009: that's 50% of all agencies set up in the last 4 years...)
  4. Spoon

    Spoon New Member


    Hi there,

    I know someone who has a really beautiful villa in Mougins and who is willing to sell it.
    If you're interested email me on :
  5. odond

    odond New Member

    thanks Pierre, a bit disheartening for those trying to sell but I guess it is a real buyers market. I am based in Paris and prices have not really fallen yet but everyone says that they will eventually...

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  6. Brendan R

    Brendan R New Member

    around Nice you can get properties with huge discounts, property market in the South of France not supported anymore by foreign buyers
  7. odond

    odond New Member

    Hi Brendan,
    Where around Nice? We are also based in Nice and have not seen any "huge|" discounts anywhere? Some promoters and agents are making an effore on notary fees or equipments but Nice prime properties are still selling.

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  8. Penny Cooper

    Penny Cooper New Member

    Property in mougins

    I recently shifted to France. I am thinking of buying a property in mougins. Does anyone know about the websites.
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