Property prices future in India

Discussion in 'India property' started by officesonrent, May 7, 2012.

  1. officesonrent

    officesonrent New Member

    In my opinion Real estate bubble has been forming in India for some and it is imperative that it burst as soon as possible. Real estate companies and brokers have deliberately hike property prices and recent slowdown is a result of unrealistic pricing in real estate sector in India.

    Though there is still gap in demand and supply but as property prices have gone up on a insane rate in past few years, buyers are opting for wait and watch strategy at the moment. At the moment, there are more sellers and less buyers in the market and it is causing the current drop in property prices in India. Property prices future in India is currently good for the buyers and bad for the sellers.
  2. delhi2gurgaon

    delhi2gurgaon New Member

    Since last couple of years the prices of properties in Indian cities have skyrocketed to the new highs.Because of the various factors influencing the property market like loan interest rates, construction cost of the civil work, land prices, increase in the registration and tax rates, etc.
  3. darshanaagarwal10

    darshanaagarwal10 New Member

    I am absolutely agree with you ..Due to high interest rate it is not possible to complete their dream about home...
  4. biz india

    biz india New Member


    No doubt in developing country like india the prices of property will rise,, but due to prices infalation we cant say this constant increasing will go on might be the prices can fall in future.
  5. astin

    astin New Member

    Totally agree with you now a days Indian property prices are on it,s peek point.
  6. jmates

    jmates New Member

    Is there any REALLY cheap property places in India near the coast? :)
  7. sunnybora18

    sunnybora18 New Member

    I don't think that prices of properties in india will be going down , as this time has come up i don't think prices will be going down.
  8. Suzankhan

    Suzankhan New Member

    it would be very costly. Out of reach of common man.
  9. miler

    miler New Member

    Property prices are rising double in the future.It becomes difficult for the common people to buy their own home.But still many people buy property.
  10. Skye Luxuria

    Skye Luxuria New Member

    well the prices will surely go double and then get tripled as years will pass on. In Indore, a property was purchased in 1,00,000 and was sold after 25years for 27,00,00,000.
  11. webinravi

    webinravi New Member

    Now a days, property price is going on high range. There is impossible for buying property in New Delhi.
  12. aahnagupta

    aahnagupta New Member

    As these days real estate is in boom.As if you invest in right real estate project today the same property will give you double in 3-5 years.
  13. dishu

    dishu New Member

    Buying property is really going tough for middle class.
    Property prices are going high day by day & not only in metro cities but allover India.
  14. Ryan M

    Ryan M New Member

    Many sellers and few buyers, might mean the best time to buy for investors.Depends on how one views it.It may be a bubble bursting one person but an opportunity for great returns for another.
  15. jumbopencil

    jumbopencil New Member

    i think real estate will be stable in the future, i think some real estate business will be closed because of high competition, in that case, prices will come down as a chance,

    It also depends upon the investors and buyers
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  16. Dhivakar kumar

    Dhivakar kumar New Member

    More than the price quality is most important aspect for a dream home.
  17. jumbopencil

    jumbopencil New Member


    The prices will go up like anything...
  18. bryansmo12

    bryansmo12 New Member

    As per current rates it will be very costly. Common man cant afford home in good area.
  19. abhi26july

    abhi26july Banned

    Yes property rates are rising day by day that is why now it is the best saving to invest at property
  20. AlfredaGiedrojc

    AlfredaGiedrojc New Member

    In my opinion Real estate bubble has been forming in India for some and it is imperative that it burst as soon as possible. Real estate ...
  21. Sincere

    Sincere New Member

    It is a bubble and is about to Burst! It would all depend on how long the developers can hold their unsold Inventory and the forthcoming elections result. Hold on for a couple of months and watch closely!
  22. sarvodya

    sarvodya New Member

    the property rate will go up after 20 to 30 days. it may be after election the property rate going to boom

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