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It's illegal for Brazilian based companies to announce their services and products in Brazil in foreign currency.
Brazilian based developers and agents MUST announce their prices and sell in Brazilian Real (R$).
There are several laws about that.

It's illegal to offer property in currency that isn't the Real.
Not even in newspapers or websites directed to foreigners.

If they want to let you know how much it is in your currency, they have to offer like this:

Apartment/house for sale: R$ 200.000,00*

* = US$ 101.522,84 according the exchange rate 12/04/2013

The price in foreign currency should change daily, not the R$ price.
So now, with the rumours of rising interest rates, the Real probably will get stronger, and the property prices rising in US$, Euro, BPS etc. (for a short period)

Yes, the TAP may offer you prices in US$ or Euro.
But they are not offering something (a product) in Brazil.


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Just to update the topic, the Dollar and Euro increased their power against Real.

1 Euro = 3,18 Reais, using current exchanging rates

1 Dollar = 2,19 Reais, using current exchanging rates

And all indicates that both Dolar and Euro will increase their value till the end of this year.

Next year has election for President, Governor, Senators etc in Brazil. Traditionally, during these years, speculators start creating rumors that create a tendency to lose some power of the Brazilian's Real.

So, based on that, it can be a nice oportunity to invest in a property in Brazil, or maybe having a second home here for our summer season here.