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Property on monthly installments

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by cheekyvirgin, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. cheekyvirgin

    cheekyvirgin New Member

    Hello guys

    Is there any company or financial institute offering to get a property to paying them each month until the value is being paid.

    I have seen a adverstisement on tv ( did not remember which company was that) was offering £700 as a deposit and them paying them from £300 each month depending of the property value.

    any help will be appriciated.
  2. jordandvdj

    jordandvdj New Member


    yeah - there is this new concept called a 'mortgage'.

    Organisations called banks let you pay them monthly until the value of the property is reached.

    Banks also offer 'loans' - you can pay these monthly too.
  3. cheekyvirgin

    cheekyvirgin New Member

    Yeah but i am in Uk how can bank lend me any thing for the mortgage and even these days coz of credit crisis bank is so hesitate to lend any thing until unless you put down 20% or 30% deposit towards your property.
  4. bya

    bya New Member

    It sounds like you want a lease to own deal. These are generally offered by investors rather than institutions.
  5. Stephendxb

    Stephendxb New Member

    It all comes down to what you are seeking and what type of credit rating you have. Banks will lend, even upto 90%, but again many variables come into the equation. You will find it much more difficult to find financing for off-plan developments than those already under construction. In fact I wouldn't recommend off-plan at this stage unless you really know the market, and only then if it is with one of the main developers.

    If you really want to buy, send me a PM with your details ( budget, timeframe, investment purpose, location preference, etc ) and I will guide you to the right place.
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