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Discussion in 'Buy-to-Sell Property' started by solexsasha, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. solexsasha

    solexsasha Guest

    Hi, everyone.

    Has anyone here recently bought property in Dubai for investment purposes?

    I have around $40,000 saved and could afford to spend about $4,000 per month on a property out there (I understand that it's possible to buy property in Dubai by making monthly contributions to the purchase price).

    I'd be keen to hear from anyone who has recently bought out there, is contemplating doing so or is generally in the know on the Dubai property market.

  2. strawberry star

    strawberry star New Member

    Dear solexsasha,

    I was just browsing through your post, and thought it might be of your interest. Investing in dubai will return a very good capital on your investment, as you are aware trusting the developer is a majot aspect gto consider, if you would be interested in investing in a project insure you have a good payment plan alongside, the developer being committed to thier progress on development, as you may know of the RERA Account has fallen into place making your funds safe.
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  3. sameer.dada

    sameer.dada New Member

    Please don't invest in Ajman. Its a flop.
    USD 40 K is enough to make initial payment in Dubai. but if you can't find a buyer before your next installment, you would be in trouble.
  4. Maitam

    Maitam New Member

    One must be prepared for the worst case scenario - which is to take delivery of the property upon completion.

    Dubai developers are considering steps to curb speculation. So be very careful about putting your money in if you are thinking of making a quick buck and don't have sufficient resources to take delivery.
  5. GIF levis_lic

    GIF levis_lic New Member

    heyy I am agree with sameer.dada he is correct that its a flop idea don't go with it

    otherwise u can do step accordingly
  6. sameer.dada

    sameer.dada New Member

    as city scape grows closer, does anyone have any inside info about prices for new launches in dubai and abu dhabi?

    which areas in dubai will take off next..? difc, business bay, etc?
  7. lipsthefish

    lipsthefish New Member

    Jebel ali is the best for investment.
  8. sha-sl

    sha-sl New Member

    becarefull about offplan development property in Dubai. People tell you 7% rent until 2012 ..etc. that's not working after completion.
  9. aaron56

    aaron56 New Member

    Hi Solexsasha,

    I did browse through your post. The properties in Dubai have increased many folds. I doubt You can get a good deal for the amount you have mentioned.


    SKYDOMEP New Member


  11. dsat

    dsat New Member

    Investing in Dubai

    I did invest in Dubai property recently 4 months ago. But now the market went down very badly... Or I would say the right time to invest now.
    You can get property price below from original developer price or original developer price which was there 3 years ago.
    My brother (who lives in Dubai) has recently started inventing in property and have very good deals.
    Let me know if you want to get my brother's information, he can help u buy great Dubai property with throw away price now a days. $4000 per month, I believe, is sufficient but you have to take loan though.
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  12. michelletaylor1985

    michelletaylor1985 New Member

    Though I'm not sure, but i feel that $40,000 might be a bit low for the property investment in parts of Dubai.

    Why dont you try for investment properties in countries like Brazil, Bulgaria, Cyprus or Turkey??

    Experts claim that the price of the properties in these countries would be rising a lot in the next 2-3 year down the line.

    - Michelle

  13. Lysos

    Lysos New Member

    "Experts claim" !!!!!. What a classic, naive remark. Definition of expert; 'ex' = has been; 'spurt' = drip under pressure.
  14. condosukhumvit

    condosukhumvit New Member

    how expensive are property in dubai now?
  15. Investment Guru

    Investment Guru New Member

    This is still true with regards to Dubai property. Considering Dubai's growth over the last decade, price comparison studies in numbers are showing very excellent results.
    Great Investments and maybe making a gold mine later on...
  16. jaque

    jaque New Member

    Investing in dubai will return a very good capital? Wow, I like Dubai! I've been travelling to Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia (Jakarta,Bogor,and Tangerang) viewing some properties. For now I need some houses in Dubai and Indonesia.
  17. AliZaidi

    AliZaidi New Member

    4000 dollars won't be enough for a property in Dubai. You may have one in Ajman etc but not in Dubai. Rents are high here. But Ajman isn't a bad option either. If you want to live in there, Ajman is good but yes, for investment purposes, Dubai is probably the safest city in the UAE.
  18. Mathew23

    Mathew23 New Member

    I am interested in purchasing in Dubai.

    Would you be able to get in touch to assist with my search for a suitable investment property?
    Regards From

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