Property in Cayman



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Hey there everyone,

I am strongly considering coming to the Cayman Islands to work for a couple of years. I live in the uk and am a qualified accountant and was wondering if anyone had any experience or knew anything about the recruitment agencies that cover the area. There seem to be a few like CML and Baraud international, then over in Bermuda Hamiltons also covers Cayman.

I'm guessing there is not much to choose between them all but if you have had a particularly good or bad experience it wood be good to know.

Also lots of website talk about 1 bed 1 bath apartments and typical rents being about $800 - $1500, that is quite a broad range when trying to budget. These things are always variable but any ideas as to what a one bed place not on the beach but with easy commute to George Town would cost?



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Do some research find out the companies here and apply directly, there is always demand if you are good and have a good cv. most firms prefer not to use recruitment consultants and there is a lot of word of mouth recommendations here, lots of firms offer jobs only to find people don?t take them up on it so if you can show commitment i.e. maybe come out to meet them first they are then a lot keener. Its also easier if you have previously worked overseas before, as again they know you are willing to come out
as for accommodation try Buy&Sell: Free Classifieds but its easier when you are here most firms put you up for the first few weeks ands its easy to find a small place or share a room.
good luck