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Discussion in 'Australia Property' started by Bree, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Bree

    Bree New Member


    I have several properties in Tasmania, one of which I would like to sell. Does anyone know the best market to advertise this in at present? Thanks B...
  2. hugheswilliams

    hugheswilliams New Member

    I`m interested

    Please let me know more about the investment properties you have for sale.We are looking for where to invest in properties.
  3. hugheswilliams

    hugheswilliams New Member

    we are interested

    We realy need to buy investment property in Austarlia Please contact me direct for more details.([email protected])
  4. mattio

    mattio New Member

    Just google it to find great sites where you can advertise you property. Good luck!
  5. JhaiMitchell

    JhaiMitchell New Member

    I'm looking to buy.

    I'm looking for a good yield.

    What is the price and rent?

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