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Hi Guys,
I was thinking of using a Property Finding company to help me find a property in Algarve, has anyone used one of these companies before or know anyone who has or have any views on them?

Do you know of any?
Thank you


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Yes these are very popular in the US where they are generally called Buyers Agents. There are a few in the UK - in fact lots of agents will act as a Buyers Agent if you ask. It does of course cost - as you would have guessed.

I do know a couple of them in the Uk if you are still looking.

Best Wishes


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property finder

there is one but its not very established at the moment.

I used it to help me find two properties one in Berlin and one in the contryside outside Berlin, they found me 17 properties in total and around 8 of them were appropriate.

I believe they are based in the UK (although the example on their site is using $)

they charge 0.1% of your budget.

budget is €300 000 you pay €300 or the equivelant in your currency. You must have paypal though...

I paid them £700 but was well worth it.

Saved me time which would have cost me money, more moeny in the long run.

It is legit, I've used them but they are not very established.
I mean they don't even own their site, its through a free web hosting site, but i think that may be due to the fact that they want to know how well they will do if they go mainstream lol.

Well good luck with property hunting, wehter or not you use them.

The site is Property Finder International - About Us


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Hello jaylon,
I´m a Licenced agent in the Algarve,
Let me know your specifics & i will source it for you,
Need few more details,
IF i don´t have it on our books,
Will do the detective work for you,
Work alot like this for our clients,
Find a place send breakdown & photos ,if they like it fly over for a long w/end
And take it from there,
PM me for more details-website + any Q&As you may have,
Only to glad to help.
Look forward to hearing from you,


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I have used a company in the Algarve that does that kind of work. You simply contact them and they do all the work for you. The woman I dealt with was very very helpful and actually saved me a lot of money when I eventually bought. She used to work for a real estate company so she knew exactly what to look for. They are well worth a try. Very prompt and very efficient and always friendly. If there is anyone who would like her contact details please let me know and I will gladly give them to you.
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