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Property Finding Companies

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by avery, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. avery

    avery New Member

    Welcome all,
    I was thinking of using a Property Finding company to help me find a property in Algarve, has anyone used one of these companies before or know anyone who has or have any views on them?

    Do you know of any?

  2. bennett

    bennett New Member

    Hi Avery,
    We are using one agent now in the Algarve. They seem to be very competitive and not thrilled to work with each other, which mean they only want to show their properties. Some are better than others. We have chosen about 3 to continue working with but I can't say that I am thrilled with the service.

  3. benjamin

    benjamin New Member

    Hi Avery,
    What makes you want to come to Algarve? I think it's a good pace of life although it does have its frustrations having come from a consumer lead society in UK!

    Do you mean that you are using Estate Agencies or actual Property Finding Companies whom you pay a fee to, to help you find a property?

    Which agents are you using?

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