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    Planning to buy property but not sure need to consult feng shui master or not ??:questionmark::hmmmm2:
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    I would recommend you to make a preliminary energy audit of the place. There are additional factors that have a strong impact on our health and well-being and if we are often in contact with them, we can lose up to 40-50% of our vital energy, working activity and health. Here are some of them:

    1. Geopathic zones. For example, if under the place where you live or work are underground rivers, which form strong eddies. Or it could be a stone slab with a large number of faults, and energy vibrations of these places will strongly influence your mood and create a sense of anxiety, poor sleep, reduce performance and even cause some diseases.

    2. Certain forms of geometry also affects the way we feel. There are always a lot of things that have an angular shape. Such objects are strong emitters of energy and can break energy structure, which also entail leak forces. How do they work? Take the pyramid. Energy is collected at the base and rushes across the top of the surrounding space, forming a beam of energy. Pyramid works as a pump - capturing the energy of space across the bottom and throwing across the top. Any angle will work in the same structure. If we look at massive table. Its entire surface collects the energy of the surrounding space and throws it through the corners.

    3. Another important point - it is the place of production of the interior items and their composition. If a factory located at some unfavorable position, the products produced by it will detect this condition and subsequently affect on the energy of the houses. Such items are usually not a lot of danger and are only a few categories:
    - Subject is created in a place where a very low energy density, the so-called yin place, then it will make up for this deficiency, draining energy from the surrounding space. Here it is necessary to look at the degree of manifestation of such a property, because there are things slightly suck energy. It's not critical for your health. But there are some things "vacuum energy", which will eat away your energy and in this case it is better or get rid of it, if it does not carry much value, or clean from the Yin energies. In identifying and cleaning of such items you can contact us.
    - Rare, but quite dangerous objects formed as a result of very strong energy processes - a volcanic eruption, meteorites. It is rather rigid vortex, which is in contact with the subtle bodies of their human tears. Some kind of energetic grinder. These items can also be cleaned, destroying the thin margins that create such a strong vibration.
    - Objects produced of toxic substances (usually a synthetic material). If it's just a table cover, it will not greatly affect the well-being, but if a mattress for a bed, a blanket or pillow is energetically aggressive synthetic material, then it is really significantly for our relax and good energy flows. You will have a bad sleep, it can decrease the activity and the state of health can be damaged.
    - And one more category of items that have a very complex energy configuration. Standard stone typically has two to four energy bodies. But there are natural anomalies, when the stone has 7 or 12 energy bodies. Every time the man passed such stone, he will face their slender bodies and tear his energy structure. It also can harm the health and life activities.

    4. And another rare phenomenon - the so-called poltergeists, or restless soul. To determine the statistics, how often they occur, we investigated the 400-apartment building, which is 50 years. In 8 apartments we found active undead souls - "Poltergeist". And only one of these souls was aggressively tuned to tenants and wanted to harm people. With these problems we may encounter in older homes, and our experts can solve the problem appease these souls.

    Sure, there are not all apartments with all of these components. According to statistics, about one in two will be in a pretty good condition for being, the other half will contain a few of these factors moderate and negative impact on the emotional and physical condition of the residents. Every 12th-15th of each apartment will have quite dangerous objects which have a serious impact to health.

    The whole procedure of audit the property can be done remotely! For the audit, it is needed some photos of the test property, then you will just get a detailed description of the energy state. The next step will be the correction, it can take 2-3 days. In our experience, you will feel an improvement in your mood and well-being immediately after the procedure.

    It is desirable to make the preliminary audit of property before buying it. Including some standard factors like prices, sizes, etc., people are always focused on their feelings, and if you plan to spend all your life there, it's worthy to get an energy audit of this place. If you can not sell your property, you can also make an audit, and clean the place, it will increase the chances to sell it quickly.

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