Property Deal Calculations (Can't find anywhere)


Akim Rowe

New Member
Hi everyone

I wanted to create this topic as I have been unable to find some general property calculation information online. I would also like people to ask property questions here if they are having trouble finding the answers online.I will start with one question and I'm sure this topic will help others wondering the same thing.

How do I calculate Money in & Money out of a deal?

For example

I purchase a property for 65k with a deposit of 13K and a Loan To Value of 80%.

Deposit: £13000

Refurb: 5000

Stamp Duty: 1950

Solicitor Fees: 1500

Total Money In: 21450

6 Months Later (100k valuation)

Remortgage 75000

How would I now calculate Money In and Money Out of this deal?

Please only reply if you are 100% sure of this answer as I would not want me or others to be mislead and not given the correct figures.

Thanks in advance