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Property and local tax laws in Cyprus

Discussion in 'Cyprus Property' started by dante, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. dante

    dante New Member

    In near future, my family and I are considering a move to Cyprus(protarus)
    There will be myself, my partner, and son, and also my parents.
    Just trying to collect as much info and advice as poss.
    I am a trained hairdresser so would like to know if there are many salons and jobs for that.
    Also what is the rental accommodation like as mum and dad want to buy and we will be renting at first.
    Can child tax credits/benefits be claimed there?
    My mum is registered disabled (hence the move as the warm weather will do wonders for her rheumatoid arthritis) can she still claim disability allowance??
    One last thing is about schools, what is the state education like?

    Thanks I know that is a lot of questions to ask , and I have been looking at a lot of info, but would prefer advice off people who actually live there.
  2. desmond

    desmond New Member

    You may get work as a hairdresser here, but the wages will not be anything like what you can earn in the UK. You will not get Tax credits or benefits for you children, but check this out with the government websites. Your mother may still get her disability allowance.

    There are English schools, but they cost! The Cypriot schools seem to be ok but not a patch on the UK education system. You must do your research well, especially with children. There are a lot younger families taking the plunge, best way is to start your own business, when you come.
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