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Promising Investment in Bulgarian Property

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by casey, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. casey

    casey New Member

    Hi all,
    What do you think about investment in Bulgaria property?
    I think it is still very promising to invest in cheap off plan developments in Bansko ski resort and in Sofia because there will be good return I'm sure. At the Premier Property Bulgaria company they give very good investments advices about Bulgaria and they offer very good and qualitative exclusive off plan developments for investment.
    I'm interested in purchasing an apartment in Bansko but think about the financing and mortgages. Do you have any experience with the financing?
  2. cayden

    cayden New Member

    Hi Casey,
    I went for other nations based upon the fact I wasn?t comfortable handing over my hard earned cash to Bulgarian companies, because the state organs are neither robust nor interested in helping foreigners re - claim funds. Also you have to keep Bulgarian company accounts for the rent!
    When the Russia pulled out, all the thugs and state security people appointed themselves Political and Business leaders. Makes me shiver.
  3. christopher

    christopher New Member

    Hi Casey,
    If you are interested in investing in Bansko, I have something very interesting for you. There is a new development getting started in Bansko itself. It's called Bansko Montana. If you need more info you can have a look on their web-site: http:/
    You will be surprised of the quality they offer and , specially of the prices they hold! It's incredible! Also, as far as remember, the people offer special discounts and mortgages. You can try there!
    Good luck!
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