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Here's the article I've promised to post here, for investors who think there's a profit potential in Manila properties:

Philippines: High Yields on Metro Manila Condominiums

by Prince Christian Cruz
Last Updated: February 28, 2007

The rental returns from letting residential condominiums in central areas of Metro Manila range from 8% to 15% yearly, according to a survey just released by the Global Property Guide.

The smallest apartments in each segment earn the highest yields. For instance, studio apartments in the prime areas of Metro Manila can earn around 13%-15%. But the highest returns are available on the smallest studios (30 sq. m.),which earn rental returns of an average of 15.1%. Larger studio condos (40 sq. m.) earn slightly lower returns (12.9%).

The same pattern holds in other condominium segments. One to two bedroom units (measuring 50 – 90 sq. m.) earn around 12%-15%, but the highest returns can be earned on the smaller (60 sq. m.) condos, which earn rental returns of 15%. Larger 1 – 2 bedroom condos (80 sq. m.) earn rather lower returns (11.5%).

“The pattern is unusual,” says Matthew Pollock, publisher of the Global Property Guide. “Instead of a smooth progression from high yielding units to low, we have high to low with high-yielding 'ridges' or 'lumps' at particular apartment sizes - which correspond to the smallest case of a particular number of bedrooms.”

source/ full article here:
Global Property Guide - Philippines: High Yields on Metro Manila Condominiums

The last time that I went there it's in the Ortigas Center, I suppose, where I saw new huge condo constructions being built around the malls and call centers.
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