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Problem to buy in Qatar for non qataris

Discussion in 'New and Emerging Property Markets' started by bryson, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. bryson

    bryson New Member

    I'd love to, there's a wonderful little beach front property in AL Khor that I want to own, unfortunately only Qatari's are allowed to purchase land in Qatar. Hence the horrendous rent prices. Can you suggest?
  2. cade

    cade New Member

    A colleague told me that non qataris can buy property but in certain areas- I don?t know where exactly. You will have to find it out.
  3. mpat

    mpat New Member

    Does Qatar give residence visa for expat owners of the property ?
  4. shahzad zafar

    shahzad zafar New Member

    shahzad zafar

    does qatar gives residence visa if some body buy the property in qatar
  5. amnesia

    amnesia New Member

    yep shahzad. Of course it depends on the property, but for most, you get an automatic residents visa and 5 added ones for family members.
  6. diesel

    diesel New Member

    Bryson, is that property for sale? If so, could you give me an idea of how much its selling for?
  7. DohaSteve

    DohaSteve New Member

    Diesel - I have a couple of apartments on the Pearl project for sale, one is a 2 bedroom, the other is a 4 bedroom. Both are on high floors (excellent views) and will be ready to move into 31st November. Let me know if you are interested.
  8. diesel

    diesel New Member

    What kind of prices are we talking about?
  9. DohaSteve

    DohaSteve New Member

    Apartments for Sale

    The 2 bedroom is QAR 2,650,000 (USD 728,000) and the 4 bedroom is QAR 4,650,000 (USD 1,277,000).

    If you want to buy both, they can be had for QAR 7,200,000 (USD 1,977,000), which is a USD 28,000 discount.

    The 2 bedroom is on the 16th floor overlooking the podium (swimming pool, terraces, gardens and marina)

    The 4 bedroom is on the 18th floor and has a spectacular balcony running the whole length of the apartment, with views of Poro Arabia and the West bay entrance to The Pearl.

    I have attached some layout plans and a gif of how the 3 towers will look when completed. My apartments are in Florentine tower.

    Attached Files:

  10. amnesia

    amnesia New Member

    Hey there Doha Steve (You're from SSC too right?)

    You've definately made a good investment :D
  11. muqarabin

    muqarabin New Member

    Am I missing something or is Qatar more expensive than Dubai???
  12. amnesia

    amnesia New Member

    you're missing something.

    Qatar is much more cheaper than Dubai.

    Dohasteve's apartments are huge and they're on the exclusive Pearl Island.

    Want cheap, get something at the Piazza for around 850k

    (on a side note, you should compare Doha with Dubai or Qatar with Emirates :p)
  13. muqarabin

    muqarabin New Member

    Amnesia, thanks for the input.......I was quite surprised at the prices. I have only just started thinking of Qatar today and I started with the impression that it is very much more cheaper than I was right but still 850K sounds a bit on the pricey to what I was expecting
  14. amnesia

    amnesia New Member

    what were you expecting?

    The Piazza which is in the new City Lusail is also considered a luxury place. You couldn't get that sort of premium location in most countries for that price.

    Here's some info on Lusail Lusail City - North Doha

    In the Lagoon Towers (The world's tallest leaning structure) it went from 950,000 for a 3 bedroom 170sqm apartment to 2.2m in the span of a year and a half - two years.

    That's because the underground station was announced nearby, it's on the sea with a view of the Pearl, Lusial, the Lagoon, AND Westbay, has a shopping mall, etc...

    I recently bought another apartment 2bedroom 145sqm on the 21st floor for 1.65m

    Doha is one of the world's best real estate investments on par with Shanghai.
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