Private Drive



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We live at the end of a private drive which is shared with another property. The title plans from the Land Registry show the two properties clearly marked with a red surround indicating the land for each property.

However, there is no reference as to actually owns the private drive, or strip of land at the edge of the drive, on anything I can find.

None of the properties have any deeds or documents to indicate who actually owns the drive, and who is responsible for maintenance - we have tended to share the cost in the past. The only mention is that we are entitled to pass and repass over the drive.

I have attached a sketch that may help with the drive and land highlighted in yellow- please excuse the quality of the draughtsmanship!

I have assumed that somebody owns this land - as I think every piece of land in the UK is owned by someone?

Before I speak to a solicitor, suggestions as to how to approach this would be helpful and appreciated.

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