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Hi Everyone,

I have just received a job offer where I have the flexibility of choosing my own base between Qatar or Bahrain. Even though I have traveled/lived across the Middle East (Syria, Jordan, Palestinian Territories),I have never been to either Bahrain or Qatar.

The few factors that I take into consideration are the lifestyle, freedom to move around alone (i.e., without male escort),nightlife, access to outdoorsy activities, ease of making friends, and possibility to interact with expats as well as with "locals". I have heard that Qatar is dominated by expats which makes it difficult to get to know the "real" local culture - although not really sure how true/untrue it is. Also, I am single - how would you describe a life of "single" folks in both countries?

If any of you have been currently living in either Qatar or Bahrain, and had previously lived in Jordan/Palestine - would you mind giving me a quick comparison between the two regions? Any highlight of similarities or differences would be greatly appreciated!
What is accommodation availability? Can I buy a small flat there? I think Qatar would be a better place.



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In Qatar the workers from other countries out number the locals. I have lived here now over a can walk freely here but count on being stared at....outdoor activities are few with the heat and sand. Most people stay active by becoming members in expensive clubs. My neighbor is a Scot and he wants to leave...he is used to being more social but can't connect with anyone without spending money. I think many hook up by meeting their neighbors in the group housing they rent. Places are going up everywhere and there is much construction surrounding the Asian games....I suppose you could be happy with the right attitude anywhere but I would definitely consider Bahrain....we are looking to move this year.


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the ratio is currently 1 million foreigners to around 400,000 locals.
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