Prague real estate - future prices



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I would be interested in getting investors opinions about where Prague real estate prices are headed. The reported fall in prices from 2009 to 2010 was 8% in the city but in February 2011 Czech Republic had a 54% increase in the amount of mortgages granted from the year before.

What are your thoughts? Will we see a recovery or stagnation?

Nathan Brown


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The average monthly wage in Prague is 150% of the average wage in the rest of the Czech Republic. Increased wages have created strong consumer spending which in turn is driving economic growth and although Prague represents only 11% of the overall Czech population.

Lee Lussier

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Would appreciate any locally sourced information pertaining to the Beroun Hills development by the Trojans International Group. This project is also marketed by Prestige Brokers out of London.


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I am too interested in real estate but i am a beginner i need some suggestions about these prices.
Can anyone give some guidelines?