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Power of Attorney

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Wannaberich, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

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  2. faheem2241

    faheem2241 Guest

    Power of attorney procedure

    procedure is simple you need photo copy of a passport of the person you are giving POA and a copy of recidency visa page if he is resident if not than no need and your orignal passport with you goto al barsha court early in the morning so you will be free in a quick first in court goto typist he and tell he what kind of power you want to give to the said person he will make it right on the spot than goto Notray section take token goto notray public once called get it signed by him than again token counter show him the signature of the notary and he will give you again one token wait once your number called after than they will guide you DONE! plus please guys dont give POA just like this to any one esp to a girl friend :D
  3. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

    Thanks Faheem.Do you know how much it costs?
  4. faheem2241

    faheem2241 Guest

    typing fees english and arabic both 100aed around
    typing fees arbic 50Aed +/-
    court fees 70aed .
  5. PropGuy

    PropGuy New Member

    POA is general for the building or it include the names of appartment units. I've off plan properties, and broker was asking me to sign POA that said "any property" in the building. I've more units in the same building so I wasn't confortable signing the POA. He said it is not possible to make POA on individual units for off plan projects.

    Is this true? How can I reduce my risk?

  6. revolutionary

    revolutionary New Member

    My power of attorney was for the purchase of a specific named unit in an off plan project. I authorised an agent to act on my behalf solely in the transfer of that unit. If the broker is asking for more than you for more power than you want to give him then I would be suspicious. At best he is trying to secure your future transactions on your other properties.
  7. Fff

    Fff New Member

    I have a general PoA and can't reach my attorney since he left the agency.

    Does anybody know how a power of attorney can be revoked? Do I have to fly to dubai? Can this be done without the Attorney present?

  8. PropGuy

    PropGuy New Member

    Yup you need all the documents got to court to revoke it, but don't know how it will work from outside dubai
  9. Small M

    Small M New Member

    Yeak but what if you cannot reach the guy who has your POA. If he left his job and changed his cell number what to do? I mean if you go to Dubai but you do not have the original POA how can you cancell it? They probably want to see the person and the original?!?

    Is it worth the trouble or would it be enough to contact the developer and inform them that Mr. so and so has a POA but it is not valid anymore.

    Your help is appreciated.
  10. Manzanares

    Manzanares New Member

    It is unusual to give POA to anyone other than a Lawyer in these cases - but whoever you give POA to, they are generally restricted to previously agreed parameters. For example you may have given POA for another person to sign a contract on your behalf, apply for title deeds, transfer funds for staged payments etc etc, in addition some POA are "time limited" at the request of the client. As a Law Firm we would also never carry out a task included in the POA without advising the client in advance that we were about to undertake such a task, as without this additional "safety net" Lawyers could be in breach of Law Society rules (or whichever legal entity overseas Lawyers in a specific Country).

    Presumably you used a Notary or similar when you set up the POA ? I would suggest making contact with them to advise of your wish to cancel or withdraw the POA.

    We operate our legal services in Dubai in collaboration with a Dubai based legal firm, if you want specific advise or help please pm me and I will put you in contact with one of the Lawyers.

    Kind regards
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  11. Pint of Guinness

    Pint of Guinness New Member


    I have contacted a firm of Lawyers through the internet, but have never dealt with them before or know anything about them. Also, their website is down. They are requesting a POA to deal with matters on our behalf. How can we prove that the solicitors are legitimate?

  12. Manzanares

    Manzanares New Member

    Are they based in Duba or the UK or elsewhere ? Depending on which Country they operate, or are registered as a Law Practice, they should be associated to a Bar Association or Legal Entity governing Legal Practices and Lawyers - ask them for confirmation of their Associations - more often than not you can go onto the specific website for any Association and check to see who are members.

    Ask for a copy of the POA Document - they are normally straight foward in their content, and you can check to see what they are specifying they can do on your behalf, if you agree to what they are proposing in the POA, but if for example you would rather not given them power to sign a title deed - ask them to remove this from the POA (Im not suggesting this should be done, just giving it as an example) - any Lawyer will be happy to discuss the content of a POA and either explain why something should be in there, and works better for you in the end - or will remove it if you are not comfortable with it.

    Any reasons given for their website being down ?

    Best of luck
  13. Neera naidoo

    Neera naidoo New Member

    Hi, does anybody know about giving somebody POA outside Dubai so that they can go to Dubai to handle the affairs? E.G another family member as the owner cannot go.
  14. allana13

    allana13 New Member


    Is it possible for a person not a resident or living in UAE to make a POA for some 1 in UAE to sell off their assets ?.
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