Portugal *** 3rd in Top 20 best places to make money *** 360% return

Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by Oliveira Trindade, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Oliveira Trindade

    Oliveira Trindade New Member

    Portugal it’s one of the Top European destinations to make money, according to Channel 4's Amanda Lamb and the programme "20 Best Places to make money".

    Beaten only by the high risk Polish and Romanian markets, Portugal investment potential offers excellent returns and the opportunity to safely enjoy your investment year after year.

    Foreign property expert Amanda Lamb referred to Portugal as:

    • Earth shattering investment performance

    • Booming housing market

    • Leaves other mediterranean markets so far behind, yet

    • Properties are not over priced

    • 360% return
    In all, a Top Investment Propsect: £ 100,000 invested now could be worth £ 460,000 in 10 years ...
  2. yaj

    yaj New Member

    Hey Oliveira,
    Nice to meet you, my name is yaj.
    Ive just joined this forum, and i totally agree with what you say.
    Portugal is the best place to invest right know, and has a very up comming property market.Banks and agents are predicting, a booming property market in next couple of years
    so this is best time to invest, for investors.
    My self i have invested in portugal this year, and know more exclusive investment's coming soon, so if interested please do let me know.
    I have a good network of people with good reputable developers in portugal, and best
    planners in the world.
    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Kind Regards

  3. mad_zzzb

    mad_zzzb Member

    360% in 10 years? That's amazing!
    It's just a question of finding the right opportunities!
  4. Trevor

    Trevor New Member

    Hi, I think Oliveira and Yaz are right. I've just picked up on the thread as a developer I know is about to launch a 5* resort near the Rio Guadiana. It seems Channel 4 are right but if you want the icing for the cake I might be able to help anyone who wants to maximise returns. Capital growth is great and when you can add returns of 27% per year on top it's even better? Please contact me if you're interested.
    The area is right on the border of Spain and as yet relatively unspoilt, nature reserves, birds Herons, Flamingos - definately one of the few high growth possibilities over the next few years.


  5. manor park

    manor park New Member


    Why not put a link up? I am sure users of this forum would love to see it. I have just invested in this area and I think that East of Faro will really take off.

  6. l.a.a.s

    l.a.a.s New Member


    Especially north and center (Douro and Dão Lafões)

    Best regards

  7. Trevor

    Trevor New Member

    My website is Vista Invest - Home. This is a chance for members to get in before official launch of the 5* resort. Those interested please pre-register and quote Portugal 5* resort for further info. We have hotel rooms (pre-release with part ownership in the resort) selling with 27% return per annum for 20 years (not bad on top of the capital growth). You can contact me direct on [email protected]
  8. manor park

    manor park New Member


    Your posts do come across as someone who make a living by promoting property in your region, there are many nice parts of Portugal that still have good prices, not just the the ones you keep plugging!

    Come on admit it, ?

  9. manor park

    manor park New Member


    Thanks, I had assumed these were in Portugal near the border but they look fine and I am sure will create a lot of interest.

  10. Trevor

    Trevor New Member

    Hi MP,

    If you've been on the website the Ayamonte apartments are a seperate project as the 5* resort is actually over the river in Portugal but I've no release information except that it's imminent - hence people needing to contact me to advise them as soon as the developer has a date.

  11. l.a.a.s

    l.a.a.s New Member

    Hi, Manor Park

    Yes, there are of course good investments in other regions, depending on what an investor wants. However the more information an investor has the better he can decide.
    In my case i`m an investor, in fact a mec engineer that after many years of industry decided to invest in properties. I only sell properties that i own. Properties from 35K euros(plots),new houses around 190K , to over 2.5 million euros(XVIII century noble house).
    Definitively as an investor i will keep investing in this region "Dão Lafões" for the reasons i`ve sayng in this forum.

    Best regards
  12. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    I assume you are referring to A Place in the Sun - 20 best places to make money from Channel4.com/4Homes which discusses "a forecast rise for 2006" meaning that it was released either very early 2006 or late 2005?

    I believe in Portugal too, but you have to buy in the right place and the right product. A pitch based on the opinions of a tv show host which are two years out of date is hardly an incentive to buy. If we are to convince the market and ourselves that Portugal is the place to invest in, we need to come up with real reasons which are proven and verifiable.

    I've invested in Portugal myself, bought (in 1997) and sold it years later and helped with the purchase of another in 2002. The one from 2002 is in the centre of Lisbon, is still for sale and the asking price has now dropped to the same the person bought it for 6 years ago.

    360% return does not seem very likely from 2007 to 2017. At least not based on the reasons mentioned in this thread which all seem to be based on Ms Lambs expertise.

    Additionally, Ms Lamb also states that investors can expect as high as 200% Roi from investing in a property on the Costa del Sol. While I live here and enjoy the location and area immensely, if I bought, it would be because of the lifestyle and with more a much more modest approach to what my capital gains could be than expecting prices to go up 200%.

    TV property shows - Reliable source of real estate market analysis or light Entertainment?
  13. l.a.a.s

    l.a.a.s New Member


    I agree we must be accurate.
    In the thread "what will be a property hotspot for 2008" on 26-10-2007, i said Portugal can be an interesting place to make investments because at this moment we have a crisis in the propertie market and the prices are very low. about yield i said it was very dificult to give a number.
    However i think that in 1 or 2 years we will have a bullish for the folowing reasons:

    _the portuguese economy is very small, does not need a huge investments to recover.
    _projects like the new airport and TGV are going to start soom.
    _E.U. funds will start coming again in 2008( most of them to center and north of Portugal)
    _tourism sector is now making investments not only in seasides, but also in others regions like Dão Lafões and Douro.

    Right now for investors that are selling they have to reduce prices or be a bit patients, but for investors that are buying the opportunity is good

    Best regards

  14. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Hi Luis,

    Those sound like much more solid reasons and makes more sense.
  15. omostra06

    omostra06 New Member

    Not sure what % increase central Portugal will see over the next decade, all the right signs are there for good returns but no one really knows what will happen in the property market.
    what i can say for sure is that right now is a great time to buy property in Central Portugal, the prices are still very attractive, great value for money,
  16. l.a.a.s

    l.a.a.s New Member

    Hi JMBroad

    On 24 jan 2008, Robert Prechter from Elliot Wave International ( according to bloomberg tv the man who has predicted with success in the last decades several bear markets in stock exchange) , after analysing several indicatores, said stock exchange markets will enter ,with ups and downs ,in a bear period.
    He advises investores to give up high profit investments and look for safety investments. Property investments are normally considered safety (at least that is what happened in the past), specially in those regions that the price are low.
    In my modest opinion probably we will not have to wait too long to see the property market recovering

    Best regards

  17. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Hi Luis

    Couldn't agree more, with the current volatility of the stock markets, property seems a much safer investment.

    And as I mentioned, I love the country, have bought and sold in Portugal before and visit it constantly (two weekends ago I went to Lisbon for a cheeky weekend break).

    I'm definately going back to Portugal to live at some stage, just not decided when.

    Portugal has so many fantastic things going for it, from the people to the food (even though Tripas à moda do Porto and Cozido à Portuguesa still make me cringe - was introduced to them in a Portuguese school canteen which certainly won't be winning any Michelin stars).
  18. omostra06

    omostra06 New Member

  19. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

  20. Aegean

    Aegean New Member

    Well let's hope she is right - but how can you believe her as she doesn't even know that Portugal is not a mediterranean market. Last time I looked it was Atlantic Coast.

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