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Portfolio Expansion

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by patchoz, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. patchoz

    patchoz New Member

    I am in the early stages of creating a portfolio and currently own two off-plan properties. One is in Prague and the other in Abu Dhabi. The strategy is to hold the Prague property for the medium term and flip the abu dhabi property in approximatley 9 months to take advantage of huge price increases and invest in further medium term properties.
    I have secured a 100% mortgage in Prague and this will be drawn down in one month releasing the inital 15% stage payment for further investment. I will break-even on the rent/mortgage payments and have enjoyed a 25% currency appreciation and 70% capital gain over 1 year.

    I am at a crossroads as to where in the world to invest next. My investment strategy is to ultimately buy into fast growth (20%+pa), stable markets with mature available financing (80%+ LTV), thus enabling minimal equity input and maximum return. Holiday lets are definitely off the list as well as markets with no proven local resale or rental market. I believe that there is no need to purchase high risk properties if a medium risk property is available with a good finance structure.

    Has anybody any ideas as to which global markets and specific areas fit the bill here?? Any help would be much appreciated. So far I have in mind Bratislava and a 2nd tier city in Czech Republic but wish to look outside of eastern europe.

  2. bloss

    bloss New Member

    wise investment is a real estate in the philippines. it is rapidly growing & value appreciates every quarter. you can buy a property for example a house & have it rented if you want giving a passive income which is the monthly rental fee. i should know, based from experience :) wise investment indeed leaving me with lot of savings
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