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Polish market?

Discussion in 'Emerging Property in Europe' started by Alex K, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. Alex K

    Alex K New Member


    First, since I'm new here and it is my first post, hello to all members of the forum :).

    And now onto the question. I was wondering what is the opinion about Polish market among property investors?

    What would be the main problem in investing in Poland [and Eastern Europe in general]? A language barrier? Lack of local support from agencies [a person in the place to serve as a guide, legal advice etc.]? Bureaucracy?

    Please share your opinions and experiences, good and bad :)
  2. rowlandsbb

    rowlandsbb New Member

    Quite simple .......medium economic prospects in this current recession

    For experienced dealers or Polish property dealers there will no doubt be some good deals.....always good deals about at any property/ economic cycle

    But for everyone else it is high risk in any emerging markets...the traditional mature economies will recover first
    All dealers/investors need to look at the end buyer[ or renter] and that means the popular locations for life styel buyers from UK and EU..with Spain and France the most popular and this will not change
    These are in general the class of buyer who you will be looking to sell on to to realise any profit
    Known culture, stable, easy access etc and best weather all year

    Off plan is now dead in the water [ or concrete] as there will be no growth between buying and completion, so it is buying a re sale or ready now

    In most countries developers are selling off the left overs cheap and mothballing the future phases, sometimes cancelling if all units not sold

    Good time for those investors/dealer with experience and local knowledge and for life style buyers, who now want to escape the UK high tax rates......with NI a top rate of 63%

    The budget has possibly stimulated the demand for overseas properties in the tax havens!!!!
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