Police pension tax + more.

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I want to buy a place in France with my Fianc?e and my 13 year old daughter but am not sure what the situation will be regarding my Police injury pension, most of which is tax free in the UK due to being injured on duty.
I also have a pension from my deceased wife, as does my daughter. My Fianc?e is also retired with a private pension.
We have no intention of working in France but may rent out a room as a Gite.
Does anyone know what the tax situation will be.
We are both in our early 50's.
Should we become citizens or long term visitors?
My daughter has mild Cerebral Palsy so would need an appropriate school.
Will she get any benefits in France?
Would it be best to have a French bank account with enough transferred to pay direct debits for utilities, etc, and keep my UK account so I can use my UK debit card for purchases?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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