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Platinum Developments Scandinavia & PDI Latvia

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by Damajana, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Damajana

    Damajana New Member

    In recent years, many Irish and British have been investing in the Bulgarian property market, from the Black Sea Coast to the popular ski resorts like Bansko. Many of them invested through the Irish firm, Platinum Developments.

    Now there appears to be a second wave of investors emerging from Scandinavia, the Baltic Republics and the Russian Federation, and many are investing through Platinum Developments Scandinavia (Oslo) and Platinum Developments Latvia (Riga).

    Most Irish and British property buyers have completed their investments, but many of us would be very interested to know how it has been for investors from Scandinavia, the Baltics and Russia.

    What made you interested in Bulgaria as an investment destination?

    How did you come across Platinum Developments?

    In which resort or complex did you decide to buy and why?

    Have you seen your property and are you pleased with it?

    Any other interesting experiences?

    So, if you come from Russia, one of the Baltic Republics, or from Scandinavia, please post here about your experiences (good and bad) of buying property in Bulgaria.
  2. Mikeyv

    Mikeyv New Member


    I have bought in Aheloy Beach Residence, Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria which is being built by Platinum Developments and so far I am very happy!!!!

    I suppose the property is not complete as of yet so i cant omment massively.

    I heard through 4Front the company I work for


    I have seen some commments about Sunset Resort that are not too appealing about Platinum however from what i have read it doesn't appear to be a fault by them more of the previous developers who they took over
  3. Ekko

    Ekko New Member

    Sorry Mikeyv, but are you an agent with some kind of connection to platinum, or even working for them? You have promoted aheloy with links to it on most of your posts and only agents ever do that.

    And you always emphasise how you think platinum are not at fault when its clear from any information searched on internet that platinum have been completely at fault for the problems caused since they took over sunset resort.

    Sorry to assert that, but it does seem suspicious.

    (edited - whoops, I have just seen in above post that you state you are an agent - though it does seem to clear up what I was thinking as I believe your agency promotes aheloy)
  4. thetravelbug

    thetravelbug Banned

    Actually as I am involved in the legal action being taken by around 20 British against Sunset Resort/PDI I can assure you that the problems are very much of the making of PDI. And yes PDI are pushing the Aheloy development hard in Norway, Sweden etc, so hard that a magazine/newspaper there is currently about to publish their findings about troubles at Sunset Resort and has interviewed some of those involved in Sunset Resort dispute.
  5. Mikeyv

    Mikeyv New Member


    Hi Ekko,

    I am an agent that has dealings with Platinum as I have stated before,

    I am simply saying Platinum have plenty of other completed projects in Bulgaria that have not had these issues and obviously as with many huge projects there are always teething issues, however with Sunset and the previous investors If it wasn't for Platinum there would be no Sunset Resort it would have never been finished and unless if there were bank guarantees which i doubt in Bulgaria at that time all of the money would be lost, I understand from other posts that they owe a significant amount of money to the previous investors and this is ridicolous, I can not understand why they are dragging this out as they obviously would have made millions out of Sunset Resort.

    on another note I have purchased in Aheloy because I believe Platinum would deliver like they have with several other projects and as there are no previous issues like there was with the Sunset Resort I cant see why not. For anyone who has been to Pomorie they can not deny it is an amazing complex and if Aheloy is a similiar standard then I will be very happy.
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