Pitangui - Grand natal golf



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Hey all..

Just wondering what your thoughts are on Pitangui itself? There is alot of info out there on Natal and Rio Grande Forte in general, but for GNG owners, if you look at the overall plans, it is pretty much built around the small coastal town Pitangui.

Has anybody ever visited here?
Any info on it here?

I notice the lagoon located behind it, which is used alot by tourists is situated into the GNG plans, mainly to be used as decoration for the new golf courses, this will therefore make this tourist lagoon a thing of the past.

Any thoughts on this?

Much love!


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Hey Nick,

I found your old post and was curious as a GNG buyer what your thoughts are on the project after it has been stalled for such a long time due to financial problems of the developer?

GNG is basically dead but I heard that Elegance Natal Golf will go through eventually (the more realistic and smaller project inside the GNG masterplan).

About Pitangui, do not like it, too much shabby urbanisation. Jacuma/RN, however, (where Elegance Natal Golf lies) is cute despite no nightlife whatsoever. It has potential to be a really nice beach village if a few small developers and businessman start "pimping up" the location with bars, restaurants in a nice tropical style once these developments eventually start going.

I am biased since I have a beach house in Jacuma but it would be super if Elegance Golf and Jacuma Beach Resort finally start constructing! :)