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Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by JMCC, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. JMCC

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    Hi, did anyone get the e.mail from the solicitor with options for completing Perun Lodge. Just interested if anyone has completed yet or tried to take up one of the financing options. I am not sure how many properties are still unsold and want assurances that the hotel will continue to operate whilst a number of units are unsold. Is anyone trying to invoke a default of article 11 to get their deposit back????
  2. plums

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    Yes I got the email from the solicitor (assume you are also using legal independence?). Sent a reply as soon as got it, asking about a few things eg this possibility of pulling out. But no reply as yet.

  3. JMCC

    JMCC New Member

    I received a reply from the solicitor

    But reading between the lines, we may not get all our money back and we will have to pay costs and hope that you get these awarded back by the courts. However I think in actual fact you probably would end up losing money if you opted for this route.
    I can send you the e.mail I got from our solicitors if you want more detail?
  4. Pat Worthington

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    Hi JMCC

    I have bought 2 properties in the Perun Lodge. Can you give me some information about a possible default in Article 11? I have also heard reference to a default in Article 16. Any information would be appreciated. I am also thinking of backing out of the final payment and want to know my options with regard to a refund of my initial deposits.


  5. JMCC

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    hi had a meeting today in london with mri trying to salvage their reputation by trying to help us with our purchase of perun lodge since having the contracts we have tried for three months to get answers to questions we raised from the solicitor. She has never replied to our questions, except to ask unless we complete the developer will remarket our apartment.We found out today from mri that the solictors are burying their heads to any questions because they cannot get hold of he developer. Apparently hes not bothered wether any of us complete because hes already had our deposits and he also has quite a few of the apartments which he will rent untill the market picks up. if anybody still hasnt completed and has had the same problems reguarding lack of communication maybe its worth us all getting together . i am of the opinon that although hes had the deposit i think id be a fool to throw any more his way. And as far as mri are concerned the only motive they had was to offer us one of there apartments i wouldnt give them another penny.
  6. JMCC

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    hi are you still trying to complete perun lodge?
  7. mdacruz1

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    I also received the letter, but also not had to much communication with the lawyers after that. I have pretty much given up hope of getting anything back. But I have 2 apartments there as well, so anything we can do to salvage something back I would be interested.


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