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Discussion in 'Romania property' started by David howe, May 21, 2008.

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    Phase one of Green Fields has to be paud for on 13 June 2008. this is 3 weeks time. We are horrified to learn that there are still people who have left the Power of Attorneys with the selling agent to complete.

    In one case where another buyer in Greenfields was re-assigning a studio which we sold for him the lawyer/person nominated on Power of Atterny was very quick to point out she did not work for the buyer so I had to write the re-assignment contract. This same person who does not work for the buyer is acting on buyers behalf to check for defects and vice before signing to say everything is all right for you to pay money and take position.

    This is the height of madness for all concerned. Please for your own sake take independant advice and have someone work for your benefit. You would not sign in the UK or Ireland without checking the property so why do it here?

    David Howe

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    The importance of this cannot be stressed enough for anyone who has not as yet done so.

    Please do not acquiess.

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