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Discussion in 'India property' started by Ram-Investor, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Ram-Investor

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    I invested in a apartment in Gurgoan,Delhi,India .I have now been told that the development called Pathway Palace Gardens under the developers PATHWAY PROPERTY GROUP as gone into administration.Is there anyone else in the same boat as me who as paid a 50% deposit.We all need to find out whats going on with our money.I have contacted the adminsitrator and spoke to nirmal and she said that it's to early to say what exactly is going on.I for one wnat my full deposit back which i thought was protected from this sort of scenario.Weneed to all ring the administrater and let them know of our concern.These people at pathways need to be accounted for.Any ideas on what we could do to take this further and recover our money back .
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    Pathwya Palace Gardens Gurgoan India

    I have just learnt of Pathways going into administration. The agents, Homes International, I was dealing with have provided me with no information. What is the curren situation, can any one help.

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