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Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by Propertyinvestor123, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. Propertyinvestor123

    Propertyinvestor123 New Member


    i was looking at buying here - any news on what is happening?

    Cant see any posts about this project

  2. Library Lady

    Library Lady New Member

    Asilah Beach Nicer

    Have you considered Asilah Beach. This resort is due to complete this year and is right on the beach and closer/easy walking distance to Asilah town, its smaller but more exclusive and better located. The level of build and finish is similar.:rolleyes:
  3. allnewmorocco

    allnewmorocco New Member

    i've got access for current re-sales with 2 beds for 100KE
  4. SusieC

    SusieC New Member

    Paradise Golf Apartments

    We have 2 x 3bed frontline golf penthouses and 2 x 2 bed garden apartments next to pools available. Please let me know if you would like further details.
  5. SusieC

    SusieC New Member

    Paradise Info

    Hi Investor123
    Progress is going well, we were out there in Oct 08. It is going to be beautiful. The developer is in talks with holiday companies to set up rentals.
    We have 2 x 3 bed frontline golf Penthouses for sale and 2 x 2 bed garden apartments.
    Let me know if you want any further info.
  6. tallguy754

    tallguy754 New Member

    Is anone out there getting no info regarding completion from Prestige?
  7. sforbes100

    sforbes100 New Member

    yes I'm in the UK, buying on PGandB but not heard anything since their rather vague email regarding the water co starting work at the end of june...

    Think we're in for the long wait.

  8. cheeseandonions

    cheeseandonions New Member

    hi susieC, what's the latest?
  9. cheeseandonions

    cheeseandonions New Member

  10. Lysos

    Lysos New Member

    Interesting to note that SusieC (an agent ?) hasn't posted for over 3 years. A google search for this development only brings up old posts from selling agents all using the future tense i.e. this will be a luxury resort. Couldn't find any photos - just the usual computer generated images.
  11. cheeseandonions

    cheeseandonions New Member

    we investors used to get update on the 'blue fish' forum but it seems to have disappeared!
  12. Lysos

    Lysos New Member

    Like your money, I fear !.
  13. sforbes100

    sforbes100 New Member

    sadly the water company's refusing to instal the necessary pipework etc without a massive bribe being paid so we are all on hold.

    Any thoughts anyone who's bought there how we might get our deposits back?

  14. cpn

    cpn New Member

    Investors in this development are part of a facebook group ('Paradise Golf Owners' association') that you can join. This group is currently organising various demonstrations in relation to the Paradise Golf and Beach Resort development's disaster. If you are not part of this group yet, please join on facebook or message me.
  15. shaheen akhtar

    shaheen akhtar New Member

    HI i paid for 5 deposits for Paradise golf and beach resorts approx 9 years ago what is latest update ??? pls keep us posted i will be going to morocco soon my email (moderated) , has any one took legal action against Atlantic beach paradise resort ( S.A.R.L)

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