Panama offers actual growth



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With all the doom and gloom around the world i feel it is my duty to let you know that Panama is still business as usual.

I had a chat with a local and also a employee in one of the large banks in Panama.

The feeling amongst locals is still positive, they still there country improving and there personal circumstances are still feeling positive.

There is still a steady supply of work as the construction industry still has work building housing for the local buyers of which there lots.

The banks are still well funded and business is still flowing into Panama from numerous sources as investors look to protect there money.

Off Shore accounts are still increasing which is one of Panamas largest businesses.

Panama is a unique place and will continue to stay that way.

Buyers and investors need to have a good look at this country.

We have demand and we have supply.

Where else in the world at present can you say that and mean it and also prove it.