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Palm Shoreline apartments

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Collins, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Collins

    Collins New Member

    Does anyone know if all the blocks are finished to the same specification and standard ? I have seen various photos posted of interiors which are not representative of the sales brochure I was given. Anyone know about Al Haseer Building ?
  2. dubayyy

    dubayyy New Member

    Yes they are all finished to the same standard.

    Al Haseer may differ slightly but only if you have taken the furniture pack that IFA offered as an extra.

    All shoreline owners were sold the dream in the brochures - but the reality is somewhat different. Believe me, i went through the same dissapointment when I first seen the interior photos, so unlike the initial brochure renders -but this is the reality in Dubai where there is no Trading Standards and no Misrepresentation of Goods Act.

    Believe nothing you see in brochures and read your contract carefully. Developers will usually deliver minimum contract spec.

    Nakheel have mastered the art of spending lavishly on renders and animations and then cutting corners on actual delivered product.
  3. palmtree

    palmtree New Member

    Delivery Date

    What is going on?
    Another delay,anybody has any informations on this?
  4. hassan

    hassan New Member

    Dubai Shoreline apartments

    Some shoreline apartments are already handed over and being furnished and rented at some buildings in shore line like jash falqua and at al debbas have alook if you want you can also tell me which property you own and at taht building i shall go have a look for you as i live in Dubai also you can view this building at al debbas
  5. Collins

    Collins New Member

    Yes - I bought the IFA furniture package, but the actual interior, if it is the same as the other blocks is completely different from the IFA sales brochure given to me by the selling agent in the UK

    IFA now say Al Haseer and AL Nabat will be finished mid July (I think this is the 6th date since last October) - Is this a indication of problems with Nakheel and the quality of the work, or is it no one knows what they are doing and unable to work to a programme ?
  6. blue sky

    blue sky New Member

    new development

    Hi I heard that there is going to be a new project in the shape of a world map. Does anybody have any information on those developments?

  7. hassan

    hassan New Member

    Dubai Shore line apartments

    Dear All
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  8. hassan

    hassan New Member


    check out the above site for great furniture packages
  9. Collins

    Collins New Member

    More delays and excuses

    I have just found out that Al Haseer and Al Nabat will not be finished until the end of September - Apparently there is a chilled water problem with the air conditioning. Has anyone else heard of this problem or is Nakheel finding more excuses not to complete the buildings - Anyone working for Nakheel able to answer ??
  10. kismet

    kismet New Member

    Total Internal areas

    I bought a Type C shoreline apartment on 5th Floor of Al-Msalli building. My contract with Nakheel states that he will deliver 210 sq metres of internal area. However, I calculate the total internal area of a Type C shoreline apartment from the official Nakheel apartment layout schematics as being 160 sq metres plus or minus. Anybody else out there know anything about this? :confused:
  11. caroleahenry

    caroleahenry New Member


    Can anyone recommend a good furniture supplier for a shoreline D type apartment?
  12. wayneis

    wayneis New Member

    KISMET take a look at the thread here on International City where the apartment size was different from what Nakheel sold the owner.

    After much ground work Nakheel admitted the error.

    Link here
  13. alenoosh

    alenoosh New Member

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  14. memo123

    memo123 Member

    Looking to buy an aprtment on the palm shore line

    Hello all
    Do any of the owners on the palm shore line want to sell his or her apartment
    I am a serious buyer looking for a 2 or 3 bed room appartments depending on the price
    I have seen so many name s hasser , azeraq a llkhdra so many
    if you want to sell please contact me
  15. rajatsahi

    rajatsahi New Member

    The Palm Shoreline Sell


    If you wish to sell your Palm Shoreline Type C Apartment you can contact to us.

  16. hassan

    hassan New Member

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  17. hassan

    hassan New Member

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