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Hi all,

After a bit of head-scratching for a business idea I have come up with the proposition of setting up an overseas property agency, helping people in the US to invest in property abroad. While I have no direct experience in the property industry, I lived for many years in one of the "destination" countries for US buyers/holidaymakers and also have a fairly strong background in finance. I am confident that I can acquire the knowledge I need to offer a first-class service.

I have hit a stumbling block quite early on in my investigations so I hope that one of the property wizards can answer my question: I won't be able to open an office in my target country so how do I go about getting properties to advertise to potential clients in the US??? I have thought about partnering with an estate agent abroad but what sort of agreement would we need to reach to ensure that I get paid fairly for my work? (I am worried that I do all the work in the US and then the foreign estate agent sells the property to my client as if he/she has introduced them to the property)

Also, I'd appreciate any other related wisdom from people experienced in the industry.



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Hi Marc,
Overseas property investing is growing in popularity, there is a big opportunity here.

Lots of people are setting up - I get unsolicited emails from them. Quite a few are pretty unproffesional and just jumping on the bandwaggon.

Im sure it cant be hard to find developers and agree terms, after all these cowboy guys I describe above seem to have been able to do it.

Im a fairly experienced foreign property investor having gotten out of UK B2L a while back.
Thank you
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