On Line Estate Agent?


Michelle Barringer

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Has anyone used and online estate agent that they would recommend for selling please?

Thank you

William Jack

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Yes, i have used (moderated)real estate property investors. As they allow us to list our properties without paying any expensive listing fees.
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How does an online estate agency work exactly? Obviously they use Rightmove.etc in the same way as traditional high street agencies, but I'm assuming you don't have signage outside your house? What about viewings? Do you do those yourself too?

Luke Masters

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My opinion on Online Agents is mixed - the fee being low is obviously the hook for many potential sellers..

The issue with this however is the agent tends to pocket circa £800-900 just to list the property and this fee is irrespective of whether they sell it or not.

You often then have to pay for additional assistance like viewings being conducted.

The fee is great if they can sell it BUT if they do not you are £900 out of pocket and back to square one...


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you get a year i think to sell /which is very fair and if you are in a selling area then as long as you price it right it will go / most put up for sale signs /deal with viewing bookings but you take the actual viewing yourself / main issue i would imagine for most is dealing with conveyencing / but all estate agents do is talk to both solicitors to see how its all coming along .

another 5 years and i think online estate agents will have a 30 to 40 % market share
but i would never use the online cheap conveyencing companies / in my experience they take forever /pay a little more and use your local one where you can sign the paperwork /forms/contracts and chase up in person if need be.


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I think the benefit of online estate agents will depend upon your personal experience of the marketplace. If you want an "execution only" service without any form of advice then this may be the way to go. However, if you have limited experience and are simply looking to cut costs then it may be worthwhile thinking again and going down a more traditional route.